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Hawks Ridge Images by Ken Hanson
Hi, thanks for stopping by.  These images are posted for your enjoyment.  Feel free to make any and all comments as they are welcome.
  The early images in this album were captured with an Olympus C-740UZ camera with which a Raynox 1540 Pro TC was used at times to extend the lens effective focal length.  Later images were captured with a Canon Digital Rebel with a Sigma 100 - 300mm f4 EX lens or a Canon 400mm 5.6L lens.  I am currently using a Rebel T2i body.
    If you are not familiar with how the album works, when you find an image you would like to see an enlarged view of, just left click on the image.  When you are ready to return to the album page, left click on the enlarged image.
  Sit back, take a few minutes and enjoy some of nature's handiwork.
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