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GameScanner.org video game box art


GameScanner.org - video game box art

Dear Visitors,

Thank you for visiting my site dedicated to preserving video game box art. This is a one man project started in September 2004. I'm a gamer, video game collector, box artist and Nintendo fan.

I believe that preserving video game box art in as high resolution as possible is a very important part of gaming history. Not counting my own time, this website costs $25 per year and $25 per every 1500 images.  Currently, there are over 10 100 images. I scanned most of them. Please show your gratitude by linking back to my site whenever you're using images hosted here. So far, this is all I ask for.

To stay up to date, please follow me on twitter and tumbler.

Twitter http://bit.ly/OQ1Kng

Tumblr http://bit.ly/TijDmq

All images are the property of their respected owners. For amusement & reference purpose only.

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