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On May 1st 2007 thousands of innocent young children tuned into Disney Playhouse on Comcast expecting to see a a favorite children's show, Handy Mandy.  

Instead the youngsters were traumatized by viewing a full on, close up, hardcore porno airing on Disney.  Thousands of angry parents created a storm of protest mostly ignored by mainstream media.  Some of the parents commented that the airing of Porno on Disney had to have been deliberate as Parental
Controls were reported to have been over ridden on many tv sets.
"this was clearly a comcast error... not a disney feed. and what does this picture have to do with anything??? i keep trying to see some nips in it. hang on... maybe i need to be closer///... is it one of those 3d pictures?" --brillince, 10/26/09
"I am thinking its the upper left side, more phallus' and other hidden items. Did you see the ones earlier on the Little Mermaid!?!" --Doc, 11/16/09
"the catcti are indeed very phallic, look at their swollen heads. the bent trea is very snake like, and aiming at the moon. disney movies are deeply sick. Fortunately Miyasaki has graced the world with animation movies which are in some aspects incredibly uplifting and wholesome." --quintaldo, 01/22/10
"Notice it was done on May 1st? The pagan holiday for fertility! LOL" --AP, 10/06/10
"Those are not cacti. That's a weeping willow tree with flora hanging down from the tops of the branches." --jammariso, 03/23/11
"you people are retarded and perveted. who cares if the cacti are swollen? they dont look like a freaking penis. you idiots need to find something better to do with your time than to INSULT A DEAD MAN. who cares? watch tv, i bet you will see alot more dildos, breasts, penis's, and S.E.X. than in any disney movie! GET OVER IT RETARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" --Nugget, 04/27/11
"Very Good Point AP. I had overlooked the occult date connection. A lot of weird things happen on occult holidays (more plane crashes, fires, The Columbia space shuttle went down on Imblog, Feb 1., The Fire at Waco I believe also happened on an occult holiday." --Glenn, 05/03/11
"Nugget, why do people bother to comment or continuing reading these if they think it's bullshit?..." --badasss, 08/22/11
"The Illuminati was founded on May 1, 1776" --Illumin, 02/23/12
copyright Glenn Boyle
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