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"Where?....dont see it" --bazz, 01/07/08
"Visual interpretation is in the eye of the beholder. The tree trunks look obviously phallic to me. When interpreting this image I am not considering it as just one image. I interpret this image in the context of having seen dozens of other Disney images in which the phallic symbolism is very explicit. While the imagery in this image is not as explicit as in some of the other Disney images I feel that it illustrates an underlying attitude or MO at Disney of including phallic symbolism in entertainment targeted at children." --Glenn, 03/23/08
"ok this is a great example of what im talking about. if you really want to play this game i chalenge you to walk out side and snap a pic or talk any random screen shot from any movie or game ever made and i could find a dozen phallic symbols. i mean lets face it cultures have used so many things as phallic symbols that litteraly anything can be one. so long as it is enlongated and standing upright. i mean take this screen shot for example. the coin in the lower right side forms an oval, a symbol for the vulva for several cultures. next i would like to draw your attention to both snow white and the chipmunk both appear to be standing in the center of large circles forming a single point within a circle, i give you the oldest symbol for god ever known, used in pagan religions for centuries and guess what it also is a symbol of the act of sex or creative force of the universe. i can sit here and see at least 4 more but i wont bore you for i am hopefull my point has been made" --legacyx, 12/18/10
"good shit bro. let em know whats up lol" --nemesis, 05/03/12
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