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Just for the heck of it I recently decided to take a closer look at Disney's "Little Mermaid" video with the purpose of paying close attention to the background art.  I was amazed at the amount of phallic symbolism in the background, if anything I would have to say that this movie must hold the all-time record for showing phallic symbols!  That this completely went over my head the first time I viewed the movie, years ago, is a testament to the entertaining charm of Disney animation.  

Symbols communicate subconsciously as well as consciously.  Even if we aren't consciously aware of symbols we may be exposed to, the subconscious mind is affected by them.
"Well, that answers the mystery as to why I couldn't explain "why" when someone asked, "And why do you think it's your favorite Disney movie?" I suppose all along I assumed she'd eventually get laid, and I think that made me happy." --deemember, 03/31/07
"it looks a little like those arent her legs... doesnt it???. like maybe not hers at all... humm,, a little manly huh??... what could she be sitting on." --brillince, 10/26/09
"missy, you r ryte i just noticed dat well dis is wot i have 2 say "Give your life to Christ, He loves you, He is beta dan all this things that people pleasure... He will provide for you if u want an ipod believe in JESUS, have faith and He will provide 4 u, but after yuo receive it, don't keep away from Him, continue 2 pray and praise Him" If you gave your life 2 Christ through this message kindly e-mail me on: You can send me a friend request on fbk, name: Akeelah Anderson" --Akeelah, 01/01/10
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