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Columbia's new logo not only includes chemtrails in the background, they went to the trouble of animating the chemtrails.  Other symbols in this logo include The stairs in the shape of a pyramid, the Statue of Liberty representing the Babylonian/Egyptian goddess Isis Queen of Heaven. Isis holds the eternal flame of Luciferian light in her uplifted hand.  The rainbow colors emanating from the torch would have occult significance to many, especially considering the context they are presented in here (with other important brotherhood symbology). The rainbow is symbolic of the bridge to the Luciferian New World Order.
"theres also a face in the cloud in the middle....." --truth, 10/24/09
"If things like this don't signal the propaganda connections with the media what would?" --Ted, 01/15/12
"ALso the cloud behind her is a pyramid shaped cloud with the light from the torch being exactly where the eye of Horus would normally be!" --Bob, 04/24/12
copyright Glenn Boyle
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