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The Little Mermaid seems sexualized,appearing to have sprouted nipples in this shot.  And what is her father holding in his hand?  To me this image has disturbing undertones of incest. And then there are the phallic shapes in the back ground.

The significance and meaning of Disney's  sexual symbolism:

This is a complex subject that I am still  researching in  hopes of reaching a fuller  understanding of the matter.  A study of Disney's upbringing, his bloodlines, his social and political affiliations and the philosophy that he is aligned with will provide further illumination.  
"Are you insinuating that ignorance on my part caused something to happen in the uploading process that changed the image causing the little mermaids nipples to show? You are certainly entitled to your opinion but it doesn't make any sense to me at all. Uploading images by what ever method does not change what is in the image." --glennb, 10/26/08
"the film Juno recently released, actually shows a long clip of a very sick "snuff" film in the middle of the movie. I couldn't believe it!" --sal, 12/18/08
"glennb- slore is a moron. to him upload == image quality. perhaps though, in his defence, uploading a high resolution image so it doesn't distort it. i don't see any nipples. though all mermaids of lore i ever seen, they were all "topless" in the sense they are just fish that look human so they wouldn't need human clothes under the sea (no pun from the silly song)" --bobby, 01/20/09
"Sal, I didn't know that clip was from an actual snuff film. How would one know for sure? I did think it was absolutely disgusting and superfluous to the plot. I am not a fan of gore movies finding the imagery so objectionable that I instinctively avert my eyes till the gory part is over. What is the purpose of including something like this in a movie like Juno?" --Glennb, 02/03/09
"A clip from a real snuff movie included inside a commercial movie would produce a strong ritualistic effect on the psyche of the viewers. Our subconscious mind recognizes what it is seing for what it really is, regardless of what our conscious mind acknowledges." --quintaldo, 01/22/10
"MARACAS!? Sexually repressed, true much more so than I wish to be. Or maybe sexually frustrated is more like it. Whatever. Once one starts noticing the phallic imagery in Little Mermaid it is very hard not to notice all of it as it just jumps out. Then naturally having a curious mind I find my self wondering what else can be found in Disney films. I am not especially dirty minded nor am I stupid and blind to blatant use of sexual imagery in entertainment intended for children. I wonder, once you've been clued in how you can not notice." --Glenn, 09/29/10
"yo alias, have you ever asked yourself why all post 40's generations "LOVE" sex and 99% of them don't know why? OR.... how much are they paying you?" --Alias, 12/20/11
"and btw, disney turned the western civilisation into sex freaks. Men today can't interact with women without sudden sex thoughts springing up their minds, it happends to me and and it happends to everybody, just look at a man's eyes when a woman appears in his vicinity, HE WILL EYE FUCK HER!!! Now, if u can argument me that these thoughts dont actually spring from a dormant child subconscious perverted with symbolism, sorry, with disney, please do." --Alias, 12/20/11
copyright Glenn Boyle
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