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"Could this be a possible masculinist form of Wicca? Btw, I hate how people get all pentacles confused...upside down is "satanic" right side up is Wiccan--which is the respect and knowledge of nature and energies, NOT "black magic". I also hate how every religion--if freemasonism is one too--has to copy the symobls and Deities of Ancient Egyptian beliefs, and turn them into an evil aspect. I, for one, am (what I'd like to call) Egypwicc, and hate having things and sybols used inapropreately." --RainbowKatt, 07/29/08
"If wiccan is not an acknowledgement and celebration of the creator of man and this world, it is by forfiet(sp), a distraction from the creator(god-allmighty), thereby representing something other than what would come from Him (The Creator), thereby being forbidden by the creator, (for what seems to be obvious reasons for anyone who understands the theory or idea of montheism/creationism), thereby being from satan....... wake-up buddy. (the bad guys believe in a creator, just because they don't work for him, doesn't mean they don't acknowledge him) In fact, their recognition and defiance for the story of the creator, stacked with their access to knowledge-power- control, is that much more proof of the existance of the whole good verses evil story that is played out in many different myths fables or stories across the globe throughout history. That is the difference between just a regular bad person, and a family that will always be touched by wealth and fortune for selling their rights/souls to satan(who they consider to be Lucifer-latin meaning- bearer of light ). Who do you think this everlasting battle of control has really been for and against. Do you think that the majority of the rulers throughout history, who always had access to kept knowledge and records, just decided to stick with the story cause it worked for them? The rulers, wether esoteric or not, stuck to the story because it can't be gotten away from.... so, they in-turn put some reigns around it and have been riding it ever since the 3rd and 4th centuries. Don't believe me, spend sometime doing some real research, turn off the Frikin TV and start seeking!!!! These guys have not only controled the money systems and religious systems throughout history, but the accumualtion and recording of history itself. They can't control it completely, but they are capable of maikng things happen if they want, including suggestive/subjective historical recording! Just do a little background check on the department of Education, and who was behind the creation of it, along with Alice Bailey and lucius trust(sp). We have got to start to learn that if we want any kind of truth that we must seek it, reading between lines and seeing the forest when were stuck in the trees. Please challenge any information that you find that seems questionable. STOP being so passive about everything. Don't you see that is exactly what got us in this mess, not having the time or the connections to learn the lessons passed down to us from generation to generation, and before you know it, those stories are for not, and the only thing that matters is the advancement of convenience through a driving need to make more money on the next big product to go national/international/can you say syndicate(that is what glabalism means to these elite). Please people, if you seek, go through all kinds of takes on a story, until you can see what it is that is being protected or projected. In almost every matter, this is the case. Open your mind! Stop tryin to ride the astral plain, know your "mother" earth and look out for your luck in the scopes. Look inward for a while. Listen to your heart, and know that you do have a conscience for a reason.(the holy spirit will anwser you in prayer with simple easy feelings) Just because bad men use Christianity to hide behind making a mockery of it through their actions doesn't mean you can't read between the lines a little more and figure out why they would be organizing things this way, and who would ever actually be intersted in pursuing this power in such a manner. Once the research is done, and the dots are connected, and the geaneological lines exposed, it would be hard not to convince and allow even the most average of persons to not see what has been going on for hundreds of years. It's just that we don't want to take the time necessary to see how this whole story is interlinked with the design and control of what will be considered by them, "A NEW WORLD ORDER" Wake up people! This is not something that could be pulled off by just any ordinary men, especially to organize almonst the entire world to be ready to play it's part in the NWO even if it's part is to not be part of it at all.... hhmmm Over the course of hundreds of years this has been slowly forming, but even most recently since after WWII(they've been very busy) This could only have been pulled off with an incredible distracting force behind it all........ hhhhmmm It's all there in the Bible folks. You just have to spend some time with it before you can expect to understand the majority of what you are reading and how it might relate to something or be important to something else in a different way, you know the typical misunderstanding of the "context" argument.... Anyways, you can get it if you spend the time learning about the story of the forest that it is trying to show you on your journey through the trees. Some people you just can't reach... No matter how you lay it out for them, they will still argue with logic. Be patient, understanding the whole story does not happen over night. Just keep seeking. Nothing worth knowing comes easy. God Speed, or if that makes you nervous, maybe you'd rather I'd just say good luck..? lol be good." --jack, 03/17/09
"wicca is just as magic as satanism and stems from the same old adversary of difference! read the two babylons from hyslop..very revealing." --CLewis, 03/26/11
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