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"That's the track of an airplane man. chill" --Dude, 02/22/10
"I'm surprised nobody noticed that their legs look like cock... >_>" --Yeaabig, 03/10/10
"hey look the girl is pulling a red waggon i bet it has a secret book holding a secret page about the secret thing in the sky. dude have you ever looked up at the sky if you have you will see these all the time its from airplanes." --anthony, 05/18/10
"Look at the boy, he is pointing with his index finger. A very obvious Masonic gesture." --Julian, 10/06/10
""Dude" the airplanes dont live that kind of track trail man, you chill." --zippo, 01/26/11
"Who includes an airplane track in a Children's cartoon? Nothing is there without a reason. It has to be drawn there. It isn't photographed by chance." --Ted, 05/22/11
copyright Glenn Boyle
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