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Pentagon after Alleged Plane Hit
Flip the folded twenty bill over to see the Pentagon after the plane allegedly crashed into it. I personally do not believe a plane hit the pentagon.  All photographic evidence points to a missle hit. There is no photographic evidence whatsoever that indicates a plane crashed into this building.  Also the first eyewitness accounts were reports from those claiming to have seen or heard a missle, not a plane.  If it wasn't a plane this raises a very interesting question; what happened to the flight this was alleged to be and what really happened to the people on this flight?
"Do you know what a live television broadcast is? Please tell me who had the time to photoshop a jet crashing into the Pentagon? Were you even watching the news that whole day? do missles just show up from out of what & where invisible in broad daylight to strike a building undetected?" --Dee, 04/20/10
"nice one" --kalu, 05/24/10
"first of all dee you idiot did you see any planes hit the pentagon on the news????hell no you didnt and if u did bring up the site link and let me see it cause the las time i checked they had back to back pictures not videos they dont even show a plane in the video pictures they showed you see a white streak then boom its tha illuminati look it up sumtime u might learn somethin i been reaseachin this shit for years n it all adds up ur prolly a busch fan haha did u hear him after the twin towers fell didnt he say he whas gunna do everything he can to find bin ladin then what he say a lil while after that speech somethin like he jus doesnt spend to much time on that when asked about where bin ladin is...look it up see for ur self somethin is up in this world that somethin is the illuminati at least look that up i l l u m i n a t i" --eddie, 01/06/11
"@Dee and Ric, STFU, all the real witness said that it was a missile, and besides there was not a single airliner part found, wow, did it mysteriously transfer to another dimension, go tell your lies to your sheeple. Also to this date there is no single video showing a plane crashing into the pentagon, you fucking idiotic liars." --traveler25, 02/02/11
"There were a dozen cameras recording the whole thing on hotels and the Virginia Hwy. Dept. All film was confiscated within minutes of the explosion and never released. Take 5 minutes to watch the "Pentagon Strike Flash Video" (viewed by over 1 billion people) and you'll get the picture: Read "9/11 The Ultimate Truth" by Laura Knight Jadczyk and Joe Quinn to find out what happened to the real plane--the plane carrying Attorney General John Ashcroft's wife,whose phone call message single-handedly planted the seed of "Arab terrorists" in the media. Trouble is, his whole tale about her phone message is full of technological holes (e.g. she borrowed someone's credit card to use the plane's seat phones then called collect. You can't call collect with a credit card. that plane didn't have seat phones). Ashcroft is on record for saying he could think of a number of reasons it would be appropriate for the government to lie to the public." --Bert, 09/12/11
"I really think I hate truthers more than any thing else on the planet. For someone to be so despicably twisted to believe that 9/11 was an inside job is a level of antisocial insanity that defies imagination. Fuck all of you I hope you all die." --Mike, 02/19/12
copyright Glenn Boyle
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