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Export Corvette Photo History
Historical photo examples of early model Corvettes produced and modified for use around the world. This site features Corvettes that were produced for VIP's, Kings, Ambassadors, a Prince and Export GM Show Cars. See the differences of the Export Corvettes vs the USA versions. Also as thirty plus years of collecting has rolled by,information on the export Corvair, Camaro, Chevrolet and Buick have been included. Also there is some Ford and Chrysler pictures included.
Date(s): 1953 - 1982. Album by James Hurt. Photos by Various Contributers. 1 - 459 of 459 Total. 75173 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
A GM display banner
A banner displayed at a GM Opel show abroad.

Enlarge photo 2
Logo from 1950's
General Motors Overseas Operations, known as GMOO, used this logo in the 1950's on a GM publication titled General Motors World.

Enlarge photo 3
Fit for a King, built for a PRINCE!
Not the first, but the best known Export Corvette. 1956, serial #41. This one-off Corvette was part of a GM marketing program to increase awareness and sales of the new 1956 Corvette in Europe. It was not unusual at that time for GM to provide high profile automotive enthusiasts, like Prince Bertil, with specially modified cars that would attract significant media attention in their home markets.

Enlarge photo 4
Prince takes delivery
Deliver day, Sweden GM plant, May 29, 1956, Mr Baroll of GM Nordic, standing,delivers Corvette to Prince Bertil seated in car. Photograher Hans Johnson

Enlarge photo 5
Fit for a PRINCE
Prince Bertil of Sweden shown seated in his "one off" Corvette at the Sweden GM plant as he takes delivery. Notice the Euro Lucas headlamps to meet safety rules.

Enlarge photo 6
Prince Bertil GM Plant Sweden
May 29, 1956, Mr Baroll, standing,delivers Corvette to Prince Bertil seated in car. Photograher Hans Johnson

Enlarge photo 7
1956 Export Corvette #41
Prince Bertil of Sweden, seated, shown with Mr Baroll representing GM Nordic, as he inspects his special, one off Corvette, serial #41. May 29,1956. Photo credit: Per Wesslen

Enlarge photo 8
Prince Bertil seated in Corvette
Upper left, car shown in its special Baby Blue Color. To the left, Prince Bertil in uniform.

Enlarge photo 9
Prince Bertil visits USA
Prince Bertil,center. Bertil often visited GM headquarters here in the USA. Shown here with local police officers during a visit.

Enlarge photo 10
Harlow Curtis seated in 1956 #41 before exporting to Sweden
Photo taken at GM Design Studio, Detroit, before shipment to Sweden. Notice special color. This Corvette is now under going a restoration. It is back in the hands of one of the previous owners in Sweden. See this web site: www.royalcorvette1956.com

Enlarge photo 11
Harlow Curtis, GM President
Picture taken at GM before shipment to Sweden. These international marketing programs had the support of GM’s top management. GM President, Harlow Curtis took time to review the completed Corvette in the Design Auditorium before it was shipped to Stockholm, Sweden.

Enlarge photo 12
Special, One-off front end
The Corvette was designed and built at the Design’s often used off-site, special projects studio, located in the Fisher Body Plant 8. Plant 8 provided overflow studio and fabrication space for special projects that could not be fit into the regular studios.

Enlarge photo 13
While retaining the basic Corvette architecture and power-train, GM’s Design added many special features which included a specific front grill treatment, new exhaust ports, special wire wheels, a completely custom blue interior trim design and a unique exterior paint color combination. Even the stock fuel filler cap was replaced with one custom made in the Design Prototype Shops.

Enlarge photo 14
Prince Bertil & the Buick
Prince Bertil of Sweden views the Buick XP300. The Prince is the tall man in the center of the picture.

Enlarge photo 15
Zora and Prince Bertil
Zora at the wheel, gives Prince Bertil a ride in the Buick XP300, photo taken at GM, USA

Enlarge photo 16
Tool Kit for the Prince
Tool kits were often displayed in the car trunks in the fifties era. GM included this kit for the Prince. Notice the dark blue carpet like cloth (center)  with trim sewn along the edge. Was there to match the custom blue interior installed in this "one off". Information supplied by family of second owner.

Enlarge photo 17
Tool Packet 1956 #41
This tool kit, similar in color to the interior trim of car, was shipped in the trunk of Prince Bertil Corvette.

Enlarge photo 18
Tool Kit
Exterior view, note blue inside material with sewn trim. The kit was descibed as matching the interior, interior of the car or trunk area?  Maybe both?

Enlarge photo 19
1956 Export Corvette #41-Sweden
GM built this "one off" export Corvette especially for Prince Bertil of Sweden. Yellow Corvette is the same car, later owners made a few modifications. The Corvette is now being restored to original specs.

Enlarge photo 20
1956 Export Bertil Corvette
The Bertil Corvette, converted to a race car by other owners

Enlarge photo 21
1956 Bertil Corvette
Modified for the strip, front area changed after an accident. When the car was repaired, a different grill was fitted to the front end.

Enlarge photo 22
Bertil Drag Car
Another picture at the drag strip

Enlarge photo 23
The 1956 Prince Bertil Corvette
Owner made modifications for the drag strip. Notice the 1958 trunk bars still on trunk lid

Enlarge photo 24
The Bertil Family, center/right
Early picture of the Prince with his family. Kids have toy sports car! The Prince was a avid sports car fan. Prince Bertil, standing to the right side of the photo. The Prince received a new sports car. The manufacturer presented the kids a replica toy pedal car to match.

Enlarge photo 25
Keep Going

Enlarge photo 26
Styling exercise?
Photo dated Nov 1, 1955. Note rear side exhaust in fenders like the Bertil car. The Bertil was delivered to the Prince, in Sweden, on May 29, 1956.

Enlarge photo 27
Paris Auto Show 1951, color shot
The LeSabre, two years before the 1953 Corvette arrived in Paris

Enlarge photo 28
1951 LeSabre - Paris Auto Show
The GM display at the 1951 Paris Auto Show featured the LeSabre. This "one off" was a predeccessor to the early Corvette. Two years later (1953) the first Corvette is on display at the same Paris Auto Show.

Enlarge photo 29
General Eisenhower -LeSabre-Paris
In 1952, General Eisenhower inspects the GM LeSabre while in France. Eisenhower became President of the United States in 1953

Enlarge photo 30
Fit for a KING !
King Hussein of Jordon seated in the 1951 LeSabre. The King was a sports car collector. Vette Vues reported that King Hussein owned a 1967 Export Corvette, white with blue interior, L88 engine. The story goes that the car was crashed in the mountains of Jordan.

Enlarge photo 31
King Hussein
King Hussein of Jordon, pictured in the 1951 LeSabre, also owner of an L88 1967 Corvette. It was good public relations to have famous persons driving Corvettes, all around the world !

Enlarge photo 32
King Hussein of Jordon
One of many sports cars owned by the King.

Enlarge photo 33
King Hussein of Jordon
Parade Car

Enlarge photo 34
King Leopold III & The LaSabre
King Leopold looks over the LeSabre

Enlarge photo 35
King Leopold III
The King and his group inspect the LeSabre while the LeSabre is on tour in Europe. VIP's and GM toys go together! Great for sales!

Enlarge photo 36
First Export ? Maybe, Maybe not?
I am often asked "what was the first Corvette exported" Serveral early Corvettes claim to be the first, I do not know! This Corvette is one of the first 50 Corvettes produced. This Corvette was shipped to GM France and used as a display unit introducing the new Corvette to Europe in 1953

Enlarge photo 37
1953 French Corvette
Reported to be the "First GM Export" Corvette. This is one of the first 50 Corvettes produced. It was exported to GM France for display at the 1953 Paris Auto Show.

Enlarge photo 38
France Plate
Close up of the plate affixed to the 1953 Corvette  FRANCE

Enlarge photo 39
1953 French Corvette
Note the FRANCE front plate displayed on the front of this Corvette. Compare the photo to the 1951 LeSabre photo. Similar display set up.

Enlarge photo 40
1954 Corvette-GM- Chuck Jordon
This is not an export, I just added as this is a SILVER Corvette in 1954. Later owned by a GM employee. Note the headlamp cover/single bar! 1957 was the first year for Inca Silver regular production Corvettes.

Enlarge photo 41
Buy yourself a copy of the Corvette Enthusiast Magazine, FEB 2010 edition. There is a complete story on this rare silver '54.

Enlarge photo 42
Experimental Headlamp cover
Single bar covers headlamp on this 1954 Corvette

Enlarge photo 43
1954 Corvette, serial #46
1954 Corvette shipped to Austria. This may be a Corvette that was shipped by a private owner vs General Motors. The Corvette does not have a GM homologation plant or kilo speedo. The Corvette does have some Euro modifications. The Corvette has been restored and is near perfect.

Enlarge photo 44
1954 Export Corvette #46
Note the large opening in the trunk area for the wide Euro plate, also see the rear reflectors (4)

Enlarge photo 45
1954 Export #46
Early Corvette in Europe with modifications. Car still in Europe, restored condition.

Enlarge photo 46
1954 Export Corvette #46
Another recent photo from Rolf Gersch. Oldest known export still around. Still in Europe.

Enlarge photo 47
1954 Export Corvette #46
Photo of the Corvette today. Notice the top.Rolf posted this on my Facebook page about this Corvette:  Rolf Gersch Hello I am looking for the Corvette from France over 40 Years but I dont found it. Up to now my 54 Corvette No. 46 is still the oldest Export Car. Rolf & Petra Gersch

Enlarge photo 48
1954 One Off  Corvette-Swiss GM
GM ONE OFF production, 1954 aluminum bodied Corvette,prepared for Swiss GM by Ghia. Corvette Prototype Hardtop, built for the 1957 Geneva Switzerland Car Show. Special aluminum body, kilometer speedo, Borrani wire wheels. Designed by Giovanni, built by Ghia Aigle / GM Suisse, purchased from the family of the original owner. Six cylinder, manual transmission

Enlarge photo 49
1954 Aluminum bodied Corvette
GM ONE OFF production, 1954 aluminum bodied Corvette,prepared for Swiss GM by Ghia. Corvette Prototype Hardtop, built for the 1957 Geneva Switzerland Car Show. Special aluminum body, kilometer speedo, Borrani wire wheels. Designed by Giovanni, built by Ghia Aigle / GM Suisse, purchased from the family of the original owner. Six cylinder, manual transmission

Enlarge photo 50
1954 Swiss One Off Corvette
GM ONE OFF production, 1954 aluminum bodied Corvette,prepared for Swiss GM by Ghia. Corvette Prototype Hardtop, built for the 1957 Geneva Switzerland Car Show. Special aluminum body, kilometer speedo, Borrani wire wheels. Designed by Giovanni, built by Ghia Aigle / GM Suisse, purchased from the family of the original owner. Six cylinder, manual transmission

Enlarge photo 51
Interior 54 Swiss Corvette
One Off, especially designed interior for this GM show car.

Enlarge photo 52
1954 Aluminum bodied Corvette
Recently the Corvette was restored and repainted silver

Enlarge photo 53
1954 Corvette Ghia  interior

Enlarge photo 54
CH 20-94 Plate number
The drawings 1954-1958 show the same plate as placed on the real life Corvette. The CH indicates "SWISS"

Enlarge photo 55
Rear view
Nice paint job

Enlarge photo 56
1954 Corvette-Ghia Corvette
Early pictures show Corvette in white

Enlarge photo 57
1958 Chev Proto Type
Looks very similar to 1954 white prototype. The picture when found was labled 1958. Note fins on rear. Treatment on sides looks like XP300. Designer Pietro Frua.Notice front plate reads CH-20-94. Matches actual car.

Enlarge photo 58
Engine Compartment
Running gear/engine remains Chevrolet

Enlarge photo 59
1954 Corvette Ghia Swiss
Note silver color

Enlarge photo 60
1954 Corvette Ghia
Note the license plate, matches plate in the artist drawings. HC-20-94

Enlarge photo 61
Export to Hawaii 1955
2nd owner, a school teacher, with 1955 Corvette exported out of the USA. Later Hawaii would become part of the USA. Car is now in the northwestern part of the states.

Enlarge photo 62
GM mag corvette
more info coming

Enlarge photo 63
1955 Export Corvette #64
Often local laws required side and rear reflectors. Note extra trim on rear fender. Were did this color come from ?

Enlarge photo 64
1955 Export Corvette #64
This photo of #64 shows odd color and odd steering wheel and kilo speedo lens

Enlarge photo 65
1955 Export Corvette #64
I recieved several photos of this car in 1980 from Jim Marquis, green & tan, with export options. A special ID plate reading CHEVROLET.  Jim was from the northern United States. He had purchased the car and was trying to document the history. I understand the car was later resold in the condition the pictures show. I was told he passed away ? There were rumors that some one famous or rich had once owned the vehicle. I could not help document the story. The car was interesting.

Enlarge photo 66
1955 Export Corvette #64
I was surprised when this car showed up once more in the hands of Dave Ferguson. Dave had purchased the car and did a nice restoration job. In 2005 the Corvette appeared on E Bay for sale by a man named Dean, of Corvette Specialties of Oregon.  Dean reports the car was sold to a customer in the Middle East. Rich History...nice job.

Enlarge photo 67
1955 Export Corvette #64
Often local laws required side and rear reflectors. Note extra trim on rear fender. Also note mirror on front fender. Hub Caps ?

Enlarge photo 68
1955 Corvette #122
This export was reported on in the NCRS Restorer by David Gray. Very good article in Vol 38, No.1, Summer 2011. Current owner is Michael Hasselmyr. He found the car near Lisbon, Portugal in 1996. In 1999 he purchased the car and started a restoration in Sweden.The car was purchased new by a famous rece car driver named Horacio Macedo. He raced the Corvette from 1955 to 1958, the drove it as a street car until 1961.

Enlarge photo 69
Hasselmyr 1955 #122
At some point the car was repaired on the front end with a modified, steel front clip. The grille opening was smaller. At one point the car had a diesel engine swapped into.

Enlarge photo 70
Hasselmyr 1955 #122
On the starting grid, notice damage to the fiberglass front end.The original grille oval is in the car.

Enlarge photo 71
Hasselmyr 1955 #122
At the race, sitting beside a Lancia and a Mercedes.

Enlarge photo 72
Hasselmyr 1955 #122
As the restoration begins, notice the steel front clip before it was removed. In the story of this export, there was no mention if this Corvette was tagged with a GM homologation plate. If anyone knows this fact, please let me know. My contact info is at the bottom of this page.

Enlarge photo 73
Hasselmyr 1955 #122
Sr Macedo at the Rally de Espinno in 1955. It is reported the car had 9 owners.

Enlarge photo 74
Hasselmyr 1955 #122
This photo was taken at the property of Sr. Americo, in Portugal. Were the Corvette was purchased. The original color is said to be Pennant Blue. Be sure to read the complete story by David Gray in the Summer Edition of the NCRS Restorer Magazine.

Enlarge photo 75
1955 Export, VE55S001239
Credit: Noland Adams / CORVETTE: AMERICAN LEGEND   1955 Export Corvette, Early or First Export?
White, red interior

Enlarge photo 76
1956 Dutch Corvette
Seial #2967

Enlarge photo 77
1955 Export #239 Jim Oliverio
I became interested in this Corvette as it is a possible King Leopold III Corvette. This is one of several that had the "rumor" of being a former "Royal" Corvette.  Any info please email midaswv@aol.com. This picture shows an unusual bar attached to the rear of the Corvette by a former owner. What is/was the purpose? The bar was removed during restoration. What was the purpose?

Enlarge photo 78
1955 Export #239 Jim Oliverio
This Corvette is owned by Jim Oliverio in West Virginia. He has done a nice NCRS restoration over the years. The Corvette was featured in The CORVETTE FEVER 10/2006. Color photos by Jerry Heasley.

Enlarge photo 79
1955 Export #239 Jim Oliverio
This Export was built here in May 1955 and shipped to Antwerp, Belgium. The Corvette had several owners and was in Sweden, France, and Germany. It was owned by a man in Nova Scotia, sold at Carlisle, PA. and taken to West Va. Jim is a NCRS member.

Enlarge photo 80
1955 Export #239 Jim Oliverio
V8 Engine

Enlarge photo 81
1955 Export #239 Jim Oliverio
GM Antwerp homologation plate that was placed on the vehicle to show the vehicle was processed thru the Antwerp plant. Most I have seen were placed on the firewall or inner passenger side fender in the engine compartment.

Enlarge photo 82
1955 Export #239 Jim Oliverio
Completed restoration. Could this be one off the special GM cars shipped to King Leopold III?

Enlarge photo 83
1955 Export #239 Jim Oliverio
I noticed the speedo lens now reads in MPH. I have to wonder if the Antwerp plant converted the speedo lens to kilometers when it arrived in Belgium? Has it been switched back????

Enlarge photo 84
Antwerp 1956 Corvette #839
When I purchased this car in 1978, I was told or "rumor" was this was some sort of GM Show Car and it was advertised as "Brussells Show Car". I did trace the history to Germany and it did pass thru the GM Antwerp plant, but that was as much history as I could come up with. I was told the car at one time had factory wire rims?? I do know from looking at the car that it has a hard top, power windows, had a radio. 3 speed manual transmission,265 V8. The original colors appeared to have been black exterior with red interior. Insert unknown. Picture taken inside a garage in Rockford. The only exterior shot I have.

Enlarge photo 85
Antwerp 1956 Corvette #839
Interior view, I purchased this car in Rockford,Illinois in the year 1978. I traced the car's history back to Germany. A U. S. Service person shipped it into the USA port of Jacksonville, Florida. From there it went to Rockford,Illinois. I later sold the Corvette to a fellow in Pennsylvania. The car was in need of a complete restoration. UPDATE  10/27/2012..This "56 Corvette was SOLD to another buyer. Jim B, the man I sold it to in 1980 (or so?) passed away. His family sold the car today. Jim had started to restore the car. See 3 pictures taken at the auction in Crabtree PA.(10/27/2012)

Enlarge photo 86
Did this Corvette have these wheels?
Did this Corvette have these wheels? I could not find any data on this Corvette ever being used as a Show Car. The owner I purchased the car from was missing, a divorce was going on and an exwife could not give me much information. It was advertised to me as "Brussells Show Car"

Enlarge photo 87
1956 #839 Antwerp plate
homologation plate GM Antwerp

Enlarge photo 88
Antwerp Plate #839
Homologation plate affixed to the firewall or inner fender in Antwerp, Belgium. This is proof that this is a true factory exported 1956 Corvette. Serial number matches door plate and title. Who can say if this Corvette was a show car, it could have been a dealship display car in a nice dealership, who knows?

Enlarge photo 89
#839 Antwerp Corvette plates
This plate was affixed to the 1956 Corvettes when I purchased it. Is this a military plate used in Europe? Plate is medium green with silver letters. Was this used in Germany?

Enlarge photo 90
Export 1956 Corvette
Picture taken by The Joe R Pyle Auction Co.(724-998-5050)  10/27/2012. The Corvette was sold to a new owner. The export documentation, license plate and both Vin plates passed on to the new owner.

Enlarge photo 91
1956 Export Corvette #839
photo from auction 10/27/2012

Enlarge photo 92
1956 Export #839
11/6/2012  This picture listed with ad on E Bay. Car For Sale, bid was over $20,000, Reserve not met.

Enlarge photo 93
1956 #839
documentation, decal on bumper, car was at Homestead Air Force base in Florida

Enlarge photo 94
1956 Corvette documentation
more documentation of the export papers, plates, so on. These plates were on the car when I purchased the car. The Florida plate over top of the Euro plate

Enlarge photo 95
1956 Export Documentation

Enlarge photo 96
1956 Corvette #839
misc pictures taken in 1981 or so when car was sold Jim B in Crabtree Pa. Photos taken in Farmville Va.

Enlarge photo 97
1956 Corvette #839
more export documentation

Enlarge photo 98
1956 Export Corvette #839
ready for the auction to begin! SOLD  10/27/2012

Enlarge photo 99
1956 Corvette #839
photo taken after auction at the end of October 2012

Enlarge photo 100
Turner Automotive, black '57

Enlarge photo 101
1957 Antwerp Belgium Export
Shipped to Belgium, this export in now located in New York State. 73,000 miles, 283CI, 4 speed, very special Corvette. Thanks, Turner Automotive

Enlarge photo 102
1957 Inca Silver Export Corvette produced for Henry Junior Taylor, the United States Ambassador to Switzerland. Mr Taylor was well known for his radio talk programs which had been sponsored by General Motors for years

Enlarge photo 103
Henry Junior Taylor, Talk Show Host
Mr Taylor did a weekly radio program. General Motors was the sponsor of the program. Later Mr Taylor, while in Switzerlad as Ambassador, drove a 1957 Corvette. Later he returned the Corvette to the United States. I owned this vehicle in 1977.

Enlarge photo 104
Your Land and Mine Radio Show
General Motors printed on advertisments for Mr Taylor's Show, this was a well known radio show for the era. Mr Taylor was a war correspondent and a reporter.

Enlarge photo 105
Corvette in Paris
1957 Corvette on display in Paris. Was this Corvette later sold in France or returned to the States ?

Enlarge photo 106
The King and Zora
King Leopold III visits the GM Tech Center and takes a ride in the Cold Box 1957 Corvette. The King is at the wheel. Was this One Off Corvette prepared for the Kings Collection ?

Enlarge photo 107
King Leopold III & Zora
The King and Zora inspect the FI 1957 Corvette. Was this special Corvette prepared for the King ??

Enlarge photo 108
1957 FI Corvette
Fit for a King ?

Enlarge photo 109
GM VIP behind the wheel (Regan)
1954 Cadillac La Espada.  Soon to be President Ronald Regan at the wheel. Not an export, just an interesting picture. Example of GM placement of VIP drivers.

Enlarge photo 110
1958 Leopold Corvette
I received word this 1958 Corvette was owned by King Leopold III of Belgium. Please forward any information, serial number or photos that you may have.

Enlarge photo 111
1977 Indy NCRS Meet-59 Swiss Export
Mark & Sid McQueary's 1959 Swiss Corvette, pictured are John Hamilton, A T Rudin from Swiss Corvette Club, Sam Folz, NCRS tech advisor…taken in 1977 at the Indy NCRS meet. This 1959 Corvette has the Swiss GM plant emblem in the center of the grill.

Enlarge photo 112
1959 Swiss Export Corvette at Indy Meet
Swiss GM SUP badge replaces the chrome tooth. This Swiss plant emblem was placed on SUP (single unit packs) processed at the GM plant. Corvette owned by Mark & Sid McQueary's.

Enlarge photo 113
A Corvette for the Princess
Corvette history is full of Kings with their Corvettes. Grace Kelly becomes the Princess of Monaco and this 1959 Corvette is believed to have been her Corvette.

Enlarge photo 114
1959 Export Corvette
1959 Corvette, alledged to have been delivered to Princess Grace (Kelly) of Monaco, now located the in the United States.

Enlarge photo 115
Princess of Monaco
GM VIP owner, Film star Grace Kelly, AKA Princess Grace of Monaco, alledged VIP owner of an Export Corvette. See details listed with the 1959 Corvettes below.

Enlarge photo 116
1959 Export Corvette
Kilo Speedo

Enlarge photo 117
1959 Export Corvette
The Princess Grace Corvette? Said to be in the southern part of the USA.

Enlarge photo 118
Looking for more info
Can anyone provide more info?

Enlarge photo 119
J59102946 Princess Grace Corvette
The GM homologation plate for #2946. believed to be the Prince Grace Corvette. Compare the plate to homologation plate #4395, both delivered by GM France.

Enlarge photo 120
Princess of Monaco/Corvette owner
Husband Prince Rainier of Monaco  and wife Princess Grace

Enlarge photo 121
Wedding Day
Prince Rainier and wife Princess Grace

Enlarge photo 122
Cary Grant-and-Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly with co star Cary Grant. Picture taken from the movie "To Catch A Thief".

Enlarge photo 123
Princess Grace

Enlarge photo 124
Hitchcock and Grace Kelly
AKA Princess Grace

Enlarge photo 125
1963 “Principality of Monaco” Edition
In addition to a 1959 Corvette, not to be out done, Ford sent over a Thunderbird. 1963 Ford Thunderbird  “Principality of Monaco”  Limited Edition
This is one of those odd, Limited Edition Automobiles that only a crazed Ford Nut or Thunderbird Aficionado might be aware Ford ever even offered on the marketplace. Only 2,000 of these unique cars were built. Introduced, in the Spring of 1963, they instantly became known, by popular showroom vernacular, as the "Princess Monaco T-Bird". Like the actual Movie Star, who met Prince Ranier the same year that the Thunderbird was born (1955), everyone in America was aware of this new Beautiful, Graceful Automobile offered by Ford Motor Company. History claims that Ford even gave one of the Limited Edition Bird's to Prince Ranier himself. Was it #1?

Enlarge photo 126
"Princess Grace Landau"
1963 saw the introduction of another model, the "Thunderbird 1963 Limited Edition Landau. Only 2,000 were built, and each was painted in Corinthian White, with a dark Rose Beige vinyl roof and White leather interior with dark Rose Beige instrument panel and carpeting. Simulated Rosewood paneling on the instrument panel, console, doors, and rear quarter panels was unique to this model. Each came equipped with a numbered nameplate mounted on the console indicating which number of the 2,000 a particular car was. Princess Grace of Monaco, the former movie actress Grace Kelly, assisted Ford designers in the selection of colors and materials for this special car.
The 1963 Ford Thunderbird Limited Edition Landau is sometimes (incorrectly) referred to as the "Principality of Monaco Landau", "Monaco Landau", or the "Princess Grace Landau" due to its splashy introduction held in Monaco in January 1963 during the Monte Carlo Road Rally.

Enlarge photo 127
1959 Corvette vin tag #4395 as listed on the C1 registry. Owned by Andre De Boer, in Wezep, Netherlands. Homolagation plate from France GM plant.This homologation plated is similar to the Princess Grace plate, just a different serial number entered on it.

Enlarge photo 128
1959 Scaglietti Coupe/Corvette Exports to Italy
Three 1959 Corvette chassis were sent to Carrozzeria Scaglietti in Maranello, Italy, to get lightweight alloy bodies. The new design by Sergio Scaglietti was the project of three Texas-based racers - Gary Laughlin, Jim Hall and Carroll Shelby - who where trying to beat Ferrari at their own game; they wanted to create an inexpensive lightweight sports racing car with Chevrolet power.

Enlarge photo 129
1959 Scaglietti Coupe/Corvette Exports to Italy

Enlarge photo 130
1959 Scaglietti Coupe/Corvette Exports to Italy
There were 3 "one offs"

Enlarge photo 131
1959 Scaglietti Coupe/Corvette Exports to Italy

Enlarge photo 132
1959 Scaglietti Coupe/Corvette Exports to Italy

Enlarge photo 133
The 1961 Kelly Corvette One Off
Built for GM on a C2 frame, the car was designed by Gordon Kelly for Vignale to appear in the 1961 Paris Salon de l’Automobile. A little known "one off"  GM show car that was exported abroad.

Enlarge photo 134
The 1961 Kelly Corvette One Off
Black and white photo I found on the Internet.

Enlarge photo 135
The 1961 Kelly Corvette One Off
If you have any information on this Corvette, please email me at jimmyhurt@kinex.net

Enlarge photo 136
The 1961 Kelly Corvette One Off
Built by Vignale for the 1961 Paris Salon de l'Automobile, on a '59 or '60 Corvette chassis. It was designed by Gordon Kelly, who worked for the Brooks Stevens design firm.

Enlarge photo 137
The 1961 Kelly Corvette One Off
Dash/instruments unchanged in front of driver. Looking close at the speedo lens it appears NOT to read in kilometers.

Enlarge photo 138
The 1961 Kelly Corvette One Off
This one-off 1961 Vignale Corvette was built for the 1961 Salon de l'Automobile in Paris France, it was based on a 1960 Corvette chassis and built by Italian coachmaker Carrozzeria Vignale. The body was designed by Gordon Kelly via Brooks Stevens design firm.

Enlarge photo 139
The 1961 Kelly Corvette One Off
Also research this car by going to Google and search  "Vignale Corvette"

Enlarge photo 140
The 1961 Kelly Corvette One Off
Inner door panel

Enlarge photo 141
The 1961 Kelly Corvette One Off
Share this You Tube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbEWcoBT_FQ

Enlarge photo 142
The 1961 Kelly Corvette One Off
Where is this Corvette nowdays?
Vin number?  jimmyhurt@kinex.net

Enlarge photo 143
The 1961 Kelly Corvette One Off
Also shown in brown?

Enlarge photo 144
The 1961 Kelly Corvette One Off
At one time brown in color?

Enlarge photo 145
1963 Corvette - One Off  Export
Chevrolet showed this Pininfarina styled Corvette at the 1963 Paris Motorshow. The Rondine, as the car was named, was one of a number of Pininfarina styled Corvettes. GM shipped a new String Ray chassis to the Pininfarina styling studio in Turinese, Italy. The coachbuilder had a working relationship with GM and built special bodied cars for GM show cars. This "one off" export was built for the late 1963 car shows. First shown in Paris in 1963. The 1963 Sting Ray show car was named Rondine, Italian for swallow. The Sting Ray dash was left in tact. The headlamps were fixed, small lids flipped up when the lights were turned on. The raked rear window could be raised and lowered. In January 2008, the Corvette was sold at an Barrett-Jackson Auction for 1.6 million dollars.

Enlarge photo 146
Rondine Paris Show Car
Chevrolet showed this Pininfarina styled Corvette at the 1963 Paris Motorshow

Enlarge photo 147
Auction Day
Barrett Jackson Auction

Enlarge photo 148

Enlarge photo 149
1963 Corvette Ghia Rondine Concept

Enlarge photo 150
1963 factory "one off" for Harley Earl
I have been asked if this Corvette is an export, it is not. However it does have a special dash layout. This Corvette was a “one off” design made by General Motors and presented to Harley Earl upon his retirement from the company. The car is technically a 1963 Corvette with the standard 327 cubic inch engine, but there are several critical improvements that were not generally available in the 1963 model year. This Corvette came from the factory with a 4-speed manual transmission, a custom dual instrument panel......  Check out the next 4 photos for a cool dash layout!

Enlarge photo 151
Proteam's Project from down under
We’ve all heard tales of those rare finds discovered in a friend’s or relative’s nearby garage or barn. Sometimes, however, those treasures aren’t quite so close. Here’s a very rare right-hand-drive 1963 Z06 that was living in Australia since new. It will be returning back home to the USA courtesy of our friends at Pro Team next month.

Enlarge photo 152
Right hand drive conversion
Just 199 Corvettes had RPO Z06 on the options list in 1963. Far less than that are known today and they carry a healthy six-figure price tag with them. Z06’s were factory racecars. They were equipped with heavy duty  brakes and suspension, the 360hp fuel injected 327CI engine, and a 4 speed transmission. A 36 gallon fuel tank was available for a portion of the production run. The option package added $1,818.14 to the base  price of $4,252. The car spent its entire life overseas. The conversion to right-hand-drive likely took place in Australia shortly after it landed there. Its early years were spent as a GM show car. Outings included appearances at the Sydney and Melbourne Motor Shows in 1963.

Enlarge photo 153
Pro Team's Aussie Export
The car today remains in a highly original state and shows only 22,723 miles. Only normal wear items like belts, hoses, tires, and the battery have been replaced. A radio and antenna were added at some point during its lifetime as the Z06 was originally radio delete. As you can see in the photos, all of the other Z06-specific items remain including the brakes, suspension, and fuel injection unit.

Enlarge photo 154
Can you provide more info? call 888-592-5086
The full story of this car is not yet fully known and the folks are Proteam are looking for your help. They’d like to find any information regarding the car’s build and purpose by Chevrolet/GM as well as the April 1980 Melbourne Sunday Press article concerning the Corvette convention and this Z06 Corvette.
If you have some information on this truly unique car contact Proteam via emai at terry@proteamcorvette.com.

Enlarge photo 155
1963 RH Drive
From South Australia, must be the car Pro Team had a while back?

Enlarge photo 156
Fit for a King
One of many King Leopold III Corvettes. 1967 Export, now here in the USA

Enlarge photo 157
Corvette, Fit for a KING
Just received a video of King Leopold III driving one of his Corvettes, cool that such a clip exist!

Enlarge photo 158
Exported to Japan 1964 Corvette
Note the stamping on the engine block, next picture

Enlarge photo 159
1964 Corvette Japan block stamp
Owner added F0II4R0 on the picture. I printed one picture in black & white to get better picture contrast.

Enlarge photo 160
64 engine stamp
color picture

Enlarge photo 161
Japan Export
The picture tells the story

Enlarge photo 162
German Export PROC 1
Very original, very well documented, low mile export. Both tops, 365 HP, 4 speed, 3:70 Positraction, J65s. Shipped from Mortensen's Warehouse in Baltimore MD. Oddly the speedo is in MPH and there is no GM homologation plate?

Enlarge photo 163
German Export Documentation
Lower lines indicate PROC 1 Export Prep, ship Mortensen's Whse. Corvette now located in the USA. Drop Ernest a line ejisola@earthlink.net

Enlarge photo 164
1964 German Export PROC 1
52,000 low miles, exported to Germany. Originally ordered by Captin Sneed, Jr, an Army Artillary Captin. Have Build Sheet and Foreign Dist Div letter. Production date 12-10-63.

Enlarge photo 165
1964 Right Hand Drive
1964 Right Hand Drive conversion. Photo by Tom Falconer

Enlarge photo 166
1965 Export Corvette-FOR SALE
Serial #194375S118720, Exported to Amsterdam, Holland. Super Nice!

Enlarge photo 167
1965 Export Corvette to Europe
For Sale by Greg Wyatt (dealer) trading as Vintage Corvettes located at 905 York Road, Summerville, GA. 30747. Contact info phone 706-857-3916, or www.vintagecorvettes.com
all photos by : Vintage Corvettes

Enlarge photo 168
1965 Export Corvette to Holland
before restoration...for complete details on this Corvette, go to this site  www.vintagecorvettes.com

Enlarge photo 169
Metric Speedo Guage
1965 Corvette exported to Holland, this Corvette is FOR SALE, go to this site  www.vintagecorvettes.com

Enlarge photo 170
1965 Export Corvette abroad
picture taken when Corvette was in use in Europe...this Corvette is FOR SALE ...contact...go to this site  www.vintagecorvettes.com

Enlarge photo 171
Euro Plate and GOOD documentaion
1965 Corvette exported to Holland, note book with pictures and good export documentation...this car is FOR SALE...go to this site  www.vintagecorvettes.com

Enlarge photo 172
V8-327 Cubic inch, 250 HP
36 gallon, BIG TANK, this car is FOR SALE by Vintage Corvette..go to this site  www.vintagecorvettes.com   
I wonder if this Corvette has a GM homologation plate under the hood area? Any one know?

Enlarge photo 173
This car is FOR SALE  go to this site...  www.vintagecorvettes.com  for details

Enlarge photo 174
Big Tank 1965 Export
go to this site...  www.vintagecorvettes.com  for details

Enlarge photo 175
Nice interior picture
FOR SALE...go to this site...  www.vintagecorvettes.com  for details.

Enlarge photo 176
Appears to be a nice assortment of manuals and literature. Appears to be printed in ENGLISH...not sure, for complete accurate information ....go to this site...  www.vintagecorvettes.com  for details.   To see a good close up picture...DOUBLE CLICK each picture!

Enlarge photo 177
This car is FOR SALE...go to this site...  www.vintagecorvettes.com  for details.

Enlarge photo 178
1965 Corvette-GM Export
Nice documentation

Enlarge photo 179
1965 Corvette-GM Export
Nice documentation

Enlarge photo 180
1965 Corvette-GM Export
Nice documentation

Enlarge photo 181
More paper work

Enlarge photo 182
1965 Export Corvette to Holland
Inspection Data Sheet

Enlarge photo 183
GM paperwork
I have noticed over the years that Export produced Corvettes were well optioned. Many were high horse powered models also.     This car is FOR SALE  go to this site...  www.vintagecorvettes.com  for details

Enlarge photo 184
Build Sheet, note option 02Z12AA Speedometer Drive Gear, was this needed to calibrate the metric speedometer? Also notice top right corner of page the word EXPORT. This is the only Build Sheet I have ever seen with this notation in the top corner. Also note build and deliver dates at the top of the sheet.

Enlarge photo 185
This car is FOR SALE  go to this site...  www.vintagecorvettes.com  for details Edit

Enlarge photo 186
1965 FI South Africa Corvette 036
Harry has been in contact with the 2 previous owners. The Corvette is in original condition, including the heavy metal flake paint used by GM for Motorama show cars. 38,000 original miles

Enlarge photo 187
1965 FI South Africa Corvette 126
Notice the required reflectors mounted below the rear bumbers. These are common on exports. Notice plate number OB55283 on all paper work.

Enlarge photo 188
1965 FI South Africa Corvette 147
Exported for use as a GM show car. The Corvette returned from South Africa into the USA in 1994. Currently owned by Harry Hood, NCRS #922. Third owner. Harry is looking for anyone with more information on this Corvette. Contact Harry 574-361-5672 or harryhood67@msn.com

Enlarge photo 189
1965 FI South Africa Corvette 016
Special custom paint, original interior, FI engine,trans,rear end, windows, so on.Corvette is very original, however previous owner did some parts swapping. Note steering wheel.

Enlarge photo 190
1965 FI South Africa Corvette 118
The speedometer is stock USA, NOT kilometers. The Corvette does not have a GM homologation plate. Such plates are installed on Corvettes intended for reale to the public. Lack of plate could indicated GM Show Car?

Enlarge photo 191
1965 FI South Africa Corvette 076
Harry is looking for anyone with more information on this Corvette. Contact Harry 574-361-5672 or harryhood67@msn.com Edit

Enlarge photo 192
Paper for 65 South Africa 65 corvette 001
Double Click on picture and read the paper documention. Build date is 5/12/1965. Serial number is 194375S117364. For more information, check out this site (copy & paste) http://cid-ca221a180b2903f6.skydrive.live.com/redir.aspx?page=view&resid=CA221A180B2903F6!148&type=3&Bpub=SDX.Docs&Bsrc=Docmail&authkey=H6IhRB764kI%24

Enlarge photo 193
1965 FI South Africa Corvette 056
Any comments, please contact Harry. Harry is looking for anyone with more information on this Corvette. Contact Harry 574-361-5672 or harryhood67@msn.com Edit

Enlarge photo 194
Paper for 65 South Africa 65 corvette 003
Double Click on picture and read the paper documention

Enlarge photo 195
1965 FI South Africa Corvette 079
Harry is looking for anyone with more information on this Corvette. Contact Harry 574-361-5672 or harryhood67@msn.com Edit

Enlarge photo 196
Paper for 65 South Africa 65 corvette 010
Double Click on picture and read the paper documention

Enlarge photo 197
Paper for 65 South Africa 65 corvette 012
Double Click on picture and read the paper documention. Any questions or comments on the documentation, please contact Harry Hood, NCRS #922, 574-361-5672

Enlarge photo 198
1967 PROC1 Tank Sheet
Dick Capello's tank sheet which indicates 8PROC1. This indicates this Corvette was built with  EXPORT PREPERATION. There are examples of several other tank sheets on this site. At the lower lines of the Options List, see the code 8PROC-Export Preperation. If you know of any such cars, please forward your info to Dick at  vettemidyear@msn.com

Enlarge photo 199
1967 Export Corvette PROC1
Dick Capello's Export 67. If you know of any Corvettes shipped thru Mortensen's Warehouse or any Corvette paper work with PROC 1 or PROC2 or Export Prep, Please let us know. Contact Dick  vettemidyear@msn.com.

Enlarge photo 200
1967 Corvette Vietnam PROC1
Richard Capello's 1967 PROC-1 Corvette. This Corvette was ordered thru the GM special program for US Service persons during the 1960s. Can anyone furnish more information for Dick on his Corvette or any midyear Corvette ordered thru the GM Foreign Distributors Division, the GM CFDD or the American Motor Sales. If you have info please contact Dick thru vettemidyear@msn.com

Enlarge photo 201
1967 Mexico Export
Exported to Díaz Ordaz, Gustavo, president of Mexico on 2/8/1967.
Díaz Ordaz, Gustavo, 1911–79, president of Mexico (1964–70). A lawyer, law professor, and judge, he served in both houses of the federal legislature and was secretary of interior (1958–63). As president, he continued the reform measures begun by his predecessors and furthered close ties with the United States.
Equipted with a high performance 427 V8, side exhaust, 4 speed close ratio trans, post.pb, HD brakes, speed warn,trans ignit, radio, elect ant, tinted glass, alloy wheels, telescope wheel, head rest electric windows.

Enlarge photo 202
Mexico Corvette
1967 Corvette shipped to Mexico to be owned by the President. Another VIP Export

Enlarge photo 203
Window Sticker
Shipped to the President of Mexico

Enlarge photo 204
1967 Corvette 8PROC 2
T Noel Osborn pictured with his, one owner, 1967 Corvette, NCRS Duntov Award 1998. Ordered while in the Navy through the GMCFDD program. Fully documented.

Enlarge photo 205
1967 8PROC 2 Corvette
T Noel Osborn and his 1967 Corvette. Picture taken some years back. The Corvette was special ordered thru the GM special program for service men.The program was labled GMCFDD.  The paperwork was handled by GM in a series of steps thru the Foreign Distriutors Division to save enlisted men money on their purchase. The 8PROC 2  Corvettes were delivered to local Chevrolet dealers in the United States however paperwork indicated the Corvette was built for Export. All of this was an effort to bypass taxes.

Enlarge photo 206
Click on photo
1967 Corvette documentation

Enlarge photo 207
GM Script for "Special Purchase"
Part of the ad for "The Special Purchase Plan"

Enlarge photo 208
GM Overseas '72
Ad for GM "special purchase program" published in 1972

Enlarge photo 209
IMG 1068.jpeg 1

Enlarge photo 210
1967 Corvette documentaion
Double click on photo

Enlarge photo 211
1967 Corvette  option list
Note the option listed 8PROC 2 Export Preparation. If you have any info on PROC-Export Prep Corvettes, contact Noel at thewave500@sbcglobal.net

Enlarge photo 212
FDD documents
Double click to read

Enlarge photo 213
Corvette Order Copy
8PROC listed

Enlarge photo 214
Documents 1967 Corvette
Great Documentaion.

Enlarge photo 215
NCRS patch & owner's card for Export '67

Enlarge photo 216
NCRS POP for Export '67

Enlarge photo 217
1967 Export Corvette
T Noel Osborn and his Vietnam Corvette

Enlarge photo 218
Jeff's 8PROC2
The next 7 pictures are Jeff Cornwell's 1967 Corvette. If you have any info on this Corvette or would like to exchange info with Jeff, please email him. Jeff.Cornwell@Airgas.com
This is the most recent photo of the Corvette. Jan 2010.

Enlarge photo 219
Jeff's 8PROC2
Serial # 194677S105841.White with Red Leather interior, hard top.  Tank Sheet reads 8PROC2 Export Preporation. Estimated build date 12/12/66. Delivered to Friendly Chevrolet on 12/21/1966 to the Buyer, Larry Jones. Larry, and his brother were stationed in Vietnam (Army). The option code "8PROC2" and his relatives confirmed the Corvette was ordered thru the GM Military Program. This indicates the Corvette was built and invoiced as "EXPORT PREP" but was never exported outside of the United States.

Enlarge photo 220
Jeff's 8PROC2
Above is one of the earlier photos with the red/white/blue custome paint job someone added. There is good documentation from the family of the original owner, Larry Jones. The Corvette has changed hands many times. Friendly Chevrolet, of Springfield, Illinois,  is still in operation and Larry Jones is still alive. However, Larry, for personal reasons, has not contributed to the research of this Corvette. Jeff has owned the Corvette for the last 21 years. The Corvette has been off the road since 1974.

Enlarge photo 221
Jeff's 8PROC2
Lots of nice options:  Red leather seat trim, 4 speed close ratio trans, 327-350hp engine, 3:70 posi, Red strip tires, AM - FM radio, Power steering, Hardtop, Tinted windshield, Bolt-on wheels - on the tank sheet, but then a line through in pen (substitution for rally wheels?)... 8PROC2 Export Preparation ship to Friendly Chevrolet

Enlarge photo 222
Jeff's 8PROC2
Another older photo. If you have any information on the Foriegn Dist. Program, please contact Jeff at Jeff.Cornwell@Airgas.com.

Enlarge photo 223
Jeff's 8PROC2
The next to the last line indicates  8PROC 2 EXPORT PREPERATION.  Note Friendly Chevrolet listed on sheet. Also note the line drawn across the N89 bolt on wheel option.

Enlarge PDF 224
Jeff's 8PROC2
PDF, Application for Title, Dec 1966. DMV paper work for original owner. Good documentation. Can anyone help with more infomation of this Corvette or any PROC1 or PROC2 Corvette? Contact Jimmy at exportcorvette@kinex.net

Enlarge photo 225
1968 Corvette in Norway
Terje Kristiansen in Norway sends information on this 1968 Antwerp Corvette. #194678S402044

Enlarge photo 226
1968  Antwerp Kilo Speedo
Terje Kristiansen speedo lens reads 0-260. The speedo may have been converted to kilometers in Sweden after the car was imported there in 1975. This is not confirmed, however there has been a person in Sweden that offers this service. This may be done by an applied decal?

Enlarge photo 227
1968 Corvette in Norway
Antwerp homologation plate, serial#194678S402044. Car history: Build date is October 16, 1967 and exported to Europe via General Motors Continental Antwerp. History between 1967 and 1975 is unknown. Exported to Sweden in 1975 and owned by 10 persons. Exported to Norway in 1997, and I acquired the car in 1998. I would appreciate if you could contact Terje if you have any specific information about this car before it was exported to Sweden in 1975 or have any general information about Corvette exported to Europe via GM Continental Antwerp. terje.kristiansen3@lyse.net

Enlarge photo 228
Antwerp Corvette engine area
Note the Antwerp homologation plate attached to the Corvette's right inner fender. See it just above the air cleaner in this photo. Nice Tri-power set up.

Enlarge photo 229
L88 1969 Canadian Export
See description in next photo

Enlarge photo 230
I do not have a picture of the Corvette or any other info. This sheet gives a good idea what the yellow coupe would look like. I present this as it shows the last 3 lines on the options column. The last 3 items indicate EXPORT. It also shows the option codes for each. If you look at the 1971 silver Corvette tank sticker,just ahead,these 3 option codes are missing. The sticker is torn. These codes should be correct for 71 also.

Enlarge photo 231
1969 Corvette Canadian L88

Enlarge photo 232
Frank's Canadian Export
GM export, shipped to Chevrolet Dealer Saint Jermaine Chev-Olds in Isle Perot Quebec, Canada Now owned by Frank Stech, Jr. Very rare L88 with turbo hydamatic transmission.

Enlarge photo 233
Canadian L88 interior Frank
Click on photo and notice the automatic transmission in this L88.

Enlarge photo 234
Canadian Manual 69 Export
An example of owners manual in English and French.

Enlarge photo 235
Franks Canadian L88
Canadian Export with the L88 in 1969

Enlarge photo 236
Canadian L88 sheet
Notice the lower 2 lines indicate low temp antifreeze option and special owners manual pkg.

Enlarge photo 237
1969 Export Corvette
1969 Export, original owner was a German GM employee. His name was Potschke. In the summer of 1969 he was in the USA and at some point, he ordered a Corvette for himself. The Corvette was shipped to Germany. #194679S723386

Enlarge photo 238
1969 Corvette near Frankfort Germany
Very original car, has orginal carpets,soft top, seat covers. 427/400 TriPower. Steering wheel signed by Larry Shinoda and Zora Arkus-Duntov. Delivered as an export, thus NO AIR.

Enlarge photo 239
1969 Corvette Export
Nice options, power brakes,automatic trans, factory sidepipes, AM-FM radio,GM luggage rack w/imitation wood trim, GM shoulder belts, tank sticker preserved. Owned by Gerrit Rudolph

Enlarge photo 240
1969 German ORDER COPY
This Order Copy was supplied by Gerrit. Note the last 3 Options. 02V78AA Delete Certification Plate, 02ZX6AA Export Prep, 02ZY7AA, Tax Status-Non Taxable, serial #194679S723386 Also note 02 984 AA, correct code for Daytona Yellow.

Enlarge photo 241
1971LS6 Export Corvette
Exported to Antwerp Belgium. Owned by Terry Michaelis at ProTeam. Super example of an Export Corvette. Possiable VIP Export! Photo Credit, Terry Michaelis at Pro Team Corvettes

Enlarge photo 242
Rear reflectors added
Additional reflectors added to exports to meet local safety regulations. Note Sweden plates on 1971 Antwerp Export. Photo Credit, Terry Michaelis at Pro Team Corvettes

Enlarge photo 243
1971 LS6 Antwerp Export
Notice addition of reflectors added to the rear. This Corvette has undercoating. HELP-Do you know of any other exports with undercoating? Photo Credit, Terry Michaelis at Pro Team Corvettes

Enlarge photo 244
1971 Corvette  LS6 GM sheet
Notice at the lower part of this sheet, the lower 2 lines mention the words "EXPORT" Photo Credit, Terry Michaelis at Pro Team Corvettes

Enlarge photo 245
1971 Gas Cap
1971 Antwerp Export gas cap. Photo Credit, Terry Michaelis at Pro Team Corvettes

Enlarge photo 246
A change of lighting types
This 1971 Export has the head lamps changed to meet Euro safety rules. Notice the 1956 Prince Bertil Corvette featured use of Lucas head lamps. Photo Credit, Terry Michaelis at Pro Team Corvettes

Enlarge photo 247
A change to clear lens
Export safety rules require clear lens, no amber turn signal lens in Europe. Photo Credit, Terry Michaelis at Pro Team Corvettes

Enlarge photo 248
1978 Export Pace Car
Yes, there were Export Pace Cars. This Corvette was sent to Canada.

Enlarge photo 249
Euro C-6
Pictures from Tom Falconer. C-6 Euro modifications. Sidemarker behind the front wheel, forward of passenger door.

Enlarge photo 250
Euro C-6
Photos by Tom Falconer, Euro style mirror

Enlarge photo 251
Photo by Tom Falconer. C6 Euro modifications. Metric gauges

Enlarge photo 252
Photos by Tom Falconer. Vin number stamp, Euro modification.

Enlarge photo 253
FM radio C6
Photos by Tom Falconer. Euro style GM radio. Note FM number past the decimal point is a even number. USA, they are odd numbers past the decimals.

Enlarge photo 254
Photos by Tom Falconer. C6 Euro modifications. Euro lens.

Enlarge photo 255
Chevrolet assembled at Swiss GM
Notice the Swiss emblem in the grille.

Enlarge photo 256
Swiss Emblem
Close up of the Swiss emblem in the grille area

Enlarge photo 257
1952 Swiss Chevrolet
Note Swiss emblem in grille, also amber reflector

Enlarge photo 258
This Export Corvette displays the Swiss GM Emblem. The 3 prong logo represents the mountain peaks Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau in Switzerland.

Enlarge photo 259
Swiss Racer Emblem
Close up view. Photo Credit, Terry Michaelis at Pro Team Corvettes

Enlarge photo 260
Example of the SUP Swiss Emblem
The SUP badge displays the location of the GM Suisse factory that processed the unit.
SUPs are GM vehicles shipped to a GM plant completely assembled. The plant would process any needed export modifications and affix a GM homologation plate.
Export Corvettes processed at the Swiss plant received this emblem. Photo Credit, Terry Michaelis at Pro Team Corvettes

Enlarge photo 261
corvair things
A great source for Export Corvair information is www.corvairkid.com
Corvairs were produced outside of the USA in Belguim, Switzerland and Canada. They were shipped worldwide and were popular cars.

Enlarge photo 262
A Corvair is being shipped!

Enlarge photo 263
Swiss Corvairs
Visit this site for more Swiss Corvair info.  http://www.corvairkid.com/chvairs-1.htm  Note the Swiss GM emblems mounted above the front bumper. Photo from Kent Sullivan.

Enlarge photo 264
Pontiac Polaris
No, it is not an Export, it is a GM prototype based on the Corvair. Does this look like the Pontiac Tempest that followed! Just a fun pictured I included!

Enlarge photo 265
Corvair produced in Swiss plant
note Swiss GM emblem on front of car

Enlarge photo 266
Another Swiss Produced Corvair
Note GM Swiss emblem on front of car

Enlarge photo 267
Swiss Corvair
Front GM Swiss emblem

Enlarge photo 268
Swiss Corvair

Enlarge photo 269
chvairs-1 13

Enlarge photo 270
Olds Corvair?
No, it is not an Export, it is a GM prototype based on the Corvair. Does this look like the Olds F-85 that followed! Just another fun pictured I included!

Enlarge photo 271
Swiss GM building
GM Suisse assembly building in Bienne (Biel).

Enlarge photo 272
Corvairs that never happened
Just more shots of the GM prototypes that Olds & Pontiac never got. Instead the F85 and Tempest was developed along that period. Interesting!

Enlarge photo 273
United Kingdom Corvair Van
Glen Puller cptglen@hotmail.com
Dixon, Mo
1963 Dormobile 95 Van

1963 Dormobile 95 Van. Dormobile was a camper conversion out of England, always rare, but pretty popular in the 60s, mostly made for split window VW buses, and the early Land Rovers. Never seen one on a Corvair Van. Original Dormobile seats, which you never see anywhere these days. Anyway, I'm an old VW bus guy, had a few Porsche 356's over the years too, and just love air cooled engines. This one's a mess, and a challenge, so, looking forward to getting into it. Thanks in advance for the help, gonna need it.

Enlarge photo 274
Found this post.....United Kingdom
Glen Puller cptglen@hotmail.com
Dixon, Mo
1963 Dormobile 95 Van

1963 Dormobile 95 Van. Dormobile was a camper conversion out of England, always rare, but pretty popular in the 60s, mostly made for split window VW buses, and the early Land Rovers. Never seen one on a Corvair Van. Original Dormobile seats, which you never see anywhere these days. Anyway, I'm an old VW bus guy, had a few Porsche 356's over the years too, and just love air cooled engines. This one's a mess, and a challenge, so, looking forward to getting into it. Thanks in advance for the help, gonna need it.

Enlarge photo 275
Corvair / France
Fred Travers
Chatenay Malabry, Fr
Coupe 900 Monza

I restore a 1961 Coupe 900 Monza i'm french and Chevrolet corvair Club de France member. This car belong to my great aunt who buy it new in 1962 at Pau in south west of France, i know this car since as a little boy.
It's a duty for me to restore this car since 2002 and i love it.
(requested updated pictures) 7/2011

Enlarge photo 276
Monza Coupe
MarkKlobucher markklobucher@msn.com
Wenham, MA
1963 Monza Spyder Coupe

My Corvair has been in our family since it was new. It was purchased in France as a GM export model. We think there were only a few sold in France. Unique features include yellow headlamps, kilometer/hour speedo, French data plates in engine compartment (horsepower rating for taxation), white parking lights (they were yellow then in US), addtional rear reflectors. red/black interior/base model - no radio, no side view mirror.

Last on the road in 86. Rusty and needing mechanical work but still garaged waiting for a restoration or sale.

I always enjoyed driving this car -used to have fun on the highway with boost up racing V8s until the front end would got too loose. Added Addco rear sway bar years ago. Turbo worked great and the best part was that beautiful exhaust note from turbo mufler and 2.5 in pipes.

My father bought the car sight unseen - Mark Klobucher .

I requested...

Enlarge photo 277
Back Window decal
Decal applied to window in Corvairs abroad. Photo by Kent Sullivan

Enlarge photo 278
Corvair Label
GM had to print special labels for exports. Photo from Kent Sullivan. For more Corvair info visit corvairkid.com

Enlarge photo 279
Swiss Corvair
Speedometer lens reads 0 to 200 kilometers

Enlarge photo 280
chvairs-2 01 1

Enlarge photo 281
Montage Suisse Badge/ Corvair CKD
One of the most visible differences in Swiss Corvairs is the GM Suisse badge affixed to the front body panel. Since the Corvair was assembled in the Switzerland GM plant from a CKD kit imported from the USA or Canada, it received a different Swiss badge from the SUP units. CKD = completely knocked down. For more great information on the Swiss Corvairs, visit this site    Corvairkid.com.  The difference in badges is that SUP badges state the plant name/location was as the CKD badges say "Made In Switzerland".. (Montage Suisse)
Photo and info credit: corvairkid.com, check it out

Enlarge photo 282
Montage Suisse Badge/Camaro
DOUBLE CLICK on this photo, see the great detail of this emblem. Here is a Camaro with the Swiss Montage Emblem which indicates  Made in Switzerland. One of the most visible differences in the Swiss Camaro is the GM Suisse badge affixed to the car. Since the Camaro was assembled in the Switzerland GM plant from a CKD kit, it received the Montage emblem which is different from the Swiss badge for the SUP units. CKD = completely knocked down. SUP = Single Unit Pack.  For more great information on the Swiss Camaro and other Camaro Exports go to http://www.camaros.org/foreign.shtml

Enlarge photo 283
CKD Swiss Badge
This badge proudly states "Made in Switzerland" Note the different style badge here.

Enlarge photo 284
SUP Swiss Badge
This emblem would note that the vehicle was a SUP vehicle processed at the GM Swiss plant. Photo Credit Kent Sullivan and the Corvair Kid Website, corvairkid.com

Enlarge photo 285
Swiss Racer with emblem
Notice the Swiss emblem on this "one off" Corvette.Photo Credit, Terry Michaelis at Pro Team Corvettes

Enlarge photo 286
1956 #41 Bertil Corvette
GM often inserted a GM emblem in the grille area of Export Corvettes. Here is an example of a Royal Family emblem in the grille area.

Enlarge photo 287
Special Interior for the Prince
GM displays the "one off" interior in 1956 Corvette #41. Special materials and colors for Prince Bertil. Special cars for special people.

Enlarge photo 288
Early GM Homologation Tag
Refer to the previous pictures of 1955 Export Corvette #64

Enlarge photo 289
59Corvette Swiss ID plate
1959 Swiss Corvette homologation Plate affixed to the firewall area

Enlarge photo 290
Door Plate
Affixed to the passenger door of the 1967 Corvette shipped to the President of Mexico

Enlarge photo 291
1955 Export Corvette    #1239
This is an example of a GM Homologation Plate or aka GM second ID tag. GM plants abroad attached these homologation plates to the imported Chevrolet Corvettes to identify the vehicle and the GM plant selling the Corvette. The original serial number is carried onto the second ID plate. There are a variety of types,sizes and shapes of the homologation plates. Most of these plates are larger than the USA vin plate. They are similar to the paint code tags used in the USA.

Enlarge photo 292
1955 Homo plate 1239
This is a better picture of the previous 1955 plate. GM plants abroad attached these homologation plates to the imported Chevrolet Corvettes to identify the vehicle and the GM plant selling the Corvette. The original serial number is carried onto the second ID plate. There are a variety of types,sizes and shapes of the homologation plates. Most of these plates are larger than the USA vin plate. I have noticed GM Antwerp and GM Switzerland both used this similar plate from 1955 to at least 1957. Double Click photo for good detail of this picture.

Enlarge photo 293
Corvette Swiss HP
Early GM homologation plate from the Swiss GM plant

Enlarge photo 294
1964 Swiss Corvette ID plate
This photo from Tom Falconer, he states RD code indicates engine is 300 HP/327 and he would like to know what TS.BT 4400 indicates? Can you help?  jimmyhurt@kinex.net

Enlarge photo 295
Homologation Plate

Enlarge photo 296
57 Export #2591
1957 Corvette ID plate for Export Corvette #2591

Enlarge photo 297
Vin plate Philippines
Early Camaro Vin Plate from Manila, Philippines

Enlarge photo 298
Antwerp ID tag
Homologation Plate affixed to Corvette Antwerp GM plant

Enlarge photo 299
1957 Antwerp homologation plate
GM homologation plate from the black 1957 Antwerp Corvette. Notice that GM used a larger plate on some Corvettes and the narrow plate on this Corvette. The size and shapes of the homologation plates vary, year to year, plant to plant, and car to car.

Enlarge photo 300
1971 LS6 Homologation Plate
Most Exports have a GM homologation plate affixed in the engine compartment. The normal GM ID plate remains where it was affixed when built in the US. The serial number remains the same on both plates. Photo Credit, Terry Michaelis at Pro Team Corvettes

Enlarge photo 301
Camaro ID plate
Homologation plate for a early Camaro from the Antwerp plant

Enlarge photo 302
Corvair plate
photo from the website corvairkid.com....excellent site for information on export corvairs

Enlarge photo 303
Corvair homologation plate
Homologation plate from GM Swiss Photo credit Kent Sullivan and web site  corvairkid.com

Enlarge photo 304

Enlarge photo 305
1955 Speedo Lens 0-210
Speedometer Lens produced for Export Corvettes in 1955 in Kilometers, no miles shown

Enlarge photo 306
56/57 Kilo Lens 0-220
Speedometer lens were changed to reflect kilometers in Euro markets

Enlarge photo 307
Corvette 1955 #64
Kilometer Lens shown on 1955 Export Corvette, serial #64

Enlarge photo 308
1968 Export Kilo face
0 to 260 kilometers on this 1968 Corvette

Enlarge photo 309
1971 Antwerp Metric Speedo Lens
Many export Corvettes have the speedometer converted from MPH to metric / kilos. This 1971 lens reads from 0 to 250 kilometers. Photo Credit, Terry Michaelis at Pro Team Corvettes

Enlarge photo 310
1959 Corvette kilo
reads 0 to 260 kilo's

Enlarge photo 311
1959 Corvette speedo
color shot  click on any picture to view larger picture

Enlarge photo 312
1961 Corvette
MPH and Metric, click on photo for close up

Enlarge photo 313
1965 Export Speedo
Kilo/MPH This Corvette was in Japan. Click on picture to view close up

Enlarge photo 314
1964 Japan Corvette
Note both kilo and MPH are printed on the lens

Enlarge photo 315
1965 Metric Speedo
reads in kilometers 0-320

Enlarge photo 316
1967 Camaro Metric Speedo
Speedo in exported Camaros read 0 to 200 kilometers

Enlarge photo 317
Corvair metric gauge

Enlarge photo 318
Corvair Metric Speedo
photo credit, Kent Sullivan and corvairkid.com

Enlarge photo 319
Early Corvair Kilo/Metric Speedo

Enlarge photo 320
Thunderbird 0-240
Mid 50's Thunderbird, exported to the United Kingdom. Zero to 240 kilometers.

Enlarge photo 321
Dale Earnhart speedo
This is NOT a EXPORT item, however I found it interesting  as another  special example of what GM can do  for a “special edition item”.  This was produced for the Dale Earnhart 2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

Enlarge photo 322

Enlarge photo 323
1965 Export Literature
Often you can find magazine articles written abroad also.

Enlarge photo 324

Enlarge photo 325
1969 warranty GM

Enlarge photo 326
Canadian Manual 1

Enlarge photo 327
Export Literature
GM provided the Corvette sales literature to support the sales of Corvettes in other countries. Also lables as needed for the export needs.

Enlarge photo 328
Tool Kits
This special tool kit was included with the 1956 Corvette shipped to Prince Bertil in Sweden. (non metric tools ?? )

Enlarge photo 329
1956 Export Tool Kit
The present owner of 1956 #41 sent me these tool kit photos. Fit for a PRINCE !

Enlarge photo 330

Enlarge photo 331
1967 Antwerp Camaro
1967 Antwerp Camaro, Antwerp differences include sunroof, consol, fold down rear seat,Opel silver paint color, VIP owner, now back in USA

Enlarge photo 332
1967 Antwerp Camaro
Owner reports this Camaro was assembled from CKD kit in Antwerp Belgium. Camaros were assembled at various plants around the globe, note sunroof

Enlarge photo 333
Export Camaro
1967 Export Camaro, export modifications include metric/kilo speedo, sunroof, extra lighting up front, homologation ID plate from France

Enlarge photo 334
Antwerp produced Camaro
1967 Antwerp Belgium Camaro, notice sunroof, lighting modifications, metric speedo

Enlarge photo 335
Paris Camaro
Sunroof from the inside looking out

Enlarge photo 336
Camaro Kilo Speedo
Metric display 0 - 200 kilos

Enlarge photo 337
Paris France,  Camaro
Notice factory sunroof and factory rear wiper. This Camaro was shipped to GM France,from Antwerp??,to be displayed at the Paris Auto Show for General Motors. The Camaro is now in the USA

Enlarge photo 338
1967 Export FOR SALE ad
Three Camaros, reported to have been owned by one French owner,  were shipped from France back into the USA and sold a few years back in the GA/FL area.

Enlarge photo 339
Export Camaro ID
GM Homologation tag from a first generation Camaro

Enlarge photo 340
1967 Camaro /Swiss/ Dutchjim
Pictures from Dutchjim, his black 67 produced in the 1967 Swiss GM plant. 7 photos

Enlarge photo 341
1967 Swiss Camaro / Dutchjim
Here is another Camaro with the Swiss Montage Emblem which indicates  "Made in Switzerland". One of the most visible differences in the Swiss Camaro is the GM Suisse badge affixed to the car. Since the Camaro was assembled in the Switzerland GM plant from a CKD kit, it received the Montage emblem which is different from the Swiss badge for the SUP units. CKD = completely knocked down.

Enlarge photo 342
1967 GM/Swiss Homologation plate
GM homologation plate affixed to fender well area.

Enlarge photo 343
1967 SWISS GM Plate
1967 Camaro Homologation ID plate from Swiss GM plant

Enlarge photo 344
German Camaro plate '67
Plate from Hersteller GMC for a 1967 Camaro

Enlarge photo 345
Engine compartment 67 Swiss
Note GM homologation plate on firewall, passenger side front wheel cover area, to the left of the engine in the photo.

Enlarge photo 346
Dutchjim 1967 Camaro/Swiss
Notice the Swiss GM emblem in grille area.

Enlarge photo 347
1967 GM Swiss Camaro
Notice the Swiss GM emblem in grille area

Enlarge photo 348
1967 Swiss Camaro Dutchjim
rear view, 1967 Swiss Camaro

Enlarge photo 349
France Homologation plate
1967 Chevrolet Impala Convertible French Homologation plate. Car is Silver with red interior.

Enlarge photo 350
France Homologation plate
Paris Auto Show 1967 Camaro homologation plate. This does not mean the Camaro was assembled in France. It was made legal at this point.

Enlarge photo 351
From Sweden - 1967 Camaro
Note the color, note the sunroof. Next photo will give you a better shot of the car.

Enlarge photo 352
1967 Camaro from Sweden
Sold new in Sweden, see notes at bottom of page, thanks!

Enlarge photo 353
1967 Export

Enlarge photo 354
1967 in France

Enlarge photo 355

Enlarge photo 356
1951 Buick Super convertible export
1951 Buick Super convertible export. Grey exterior with red interior. In 2006 this Buick is reported to be in Alabama, here in the USA. The mileage reported to be in kilometers with only 39,000 kilos. There is a GM homologation plate placed under the hood in the engine compartment. This is an example of other GM makes exported to Europe.

Enlarge photo 357
1951 Buick Super convertible export
I also included this vehicle because I liked the love story that went along with the car.

The story reports, A gift from a French Count to a young American girl in France. Here we have an original, unmolested 1951 Buick Super Convertible. The original color is rare Cloudmist Gray Poly with Red Leather upholstery. The car was driven by it’s original owner until 2004!
The car was built by GM for use in France. It was a gift from a French Count for a beautiful young American girl who was being educated in Paris, when the two fell in love. It was a story book romance but alas, due to his royal position the two were unable to marry. At some point they parted and she returned home to the states bringing the car with her as a memorial to their love. She kept the car her entire life and drove it until she passed away in 2004. She can be seen towards the rear of the car in one of the photos taken prior to her passing. Her family sold the Buick after her passing.

Enlarge photo 358
GM Homologation Tag
Attached on 51 Buick next to paint & body code tag on fire wall

Enlarge photo 359
1951 Buick export
Odometer on the Buick, reads 39,000 kilometers? Speedo lens reads 0-180 Kilos per hour?

Enlarge photo 360
52 Styleline

Enlarge photo 361
52 Swiss Corvette
Note GM Swiss plant emblem above front bumper

Enlarge photo 362
French 1960 Chevrolet

Enlarge photo 363
French 1960 Chevrolet

Enlarge photo 364
Fisher Body Tag

Enlarge photo 365
GM France Homologation plate

Enlarge photo 366
1960 Chevrolet Metric speedo
speedo lens reads in kilometers, 0 to 200

Enlarge photo 367
Metric Speedo
speedo lens reads in kilometers, 0 to 200

Enlarge photo 368
1965 Pontiac Acadian
Canadian built Pontiac, sister car to the Chevrolet Nova. This car would have been sold in Canada as well as Europe.

Enlarge photo 369
From Down Under
Export 1967 Pontiac.  It was manufactured by General Motors on March 16th 1967 in Oshawa, Canada as a factory right hand drive for export to Australia, and is in original condition except for the colour which was originally Tuxedo black. It was shipped on March 30th 1967 to Melbourne Australia. Only 1,810 Canadian 1967 Pontiac Parisienne convertibles were built, 11 were for export sale, of which only 3 were RHD for Australia. Note steering wheel, Right Hand Drive!

Enlarge photo 370
1967 RHD Pontiac
These cars were built, in Canada, using Chevrolet Chassis and running gear with a Pontiac body, this was done to keep costs down as Pontiacs made in the USA were expensive to import into Canada.
The Parisienne hard top cars were assembled here in Australia but the convertibles had to be specially ordered in direct from the GM factory in Canada. (SUP)
Dale, Adelaide, South Australia
Notice steering wheel, RHD

Enlarge photo 371
1966 Pontiac Grande Parisienne
This Grande Parisienne is the pride of Brian Vandijk from Manitoba, Canada. It has recently been repainted, has a near perfect interior, the standard Strato-Flash 283 cid (4,637 cc) V8 engine and a 2-speed Powerglide automatic transmission with console shift. With this power train the car had 195 hp.

Enlarge photo 372
Pontiac Parisienne
Another Canadian-built full-size Pontiac available in Europe was the Parisienne. The Parisienne was more or less the counterpart of the American Catalina model, but its interior trim was more luxurious and its bodywork sported different design details

Enlarge photo 373
Pontiac Tempest GTO 1966
The 1966 Tempest GTO appears on the wish list of more and more European car enthusiasts. European car journalists often name this Pontiac to be their favorite American car of all times. And that's not surprising, because fitted with the right choice of original options the GTO is fast, powerful, offers a good roadholding and has a true sportscar feeling to it in many ways. Plus it's nice to look at...
Here you see a German-owned GTO hardtop coupe at a recent Dutch car show.

Enlarge photo 374
Pontiac Tempest GTO Hardtop Coupe 1966
The rear of the GTO is reminiscent of the top-of-the-line full size Pontiac Grand Prix model with its special "louvered" tail lights. This car was in an excellent condition and for sale. The owner didn't state the price he wanted for it, but generally the value of these cars is still quite modest in Europe. This combined with the good availability of parts for these cars makes it an very affordable classic.
The export-version of the GTO was fitted with a 6370 cc V8, producing 365 hp @ 5200 rpm.and giving this 1640 kg car a top speed of an interesting 205 kph. The car was both available with a 4-speed manual gearbox or a 3-speed automatic one. You had to be a bit misguided to choose the automatic transmission, because it brought the engine power down to a 339 hp @ 5000 rpm and effectively removed many of the cars sporty characteristics.
The GTO measured 524 x 189 x 135 cm (length x width x height), which wasn't very sportscar-like at all. But on the other hand it offered a...

Enlarge photo 375
Export Royal Olds
Odd though it seemed, this (wooden) plate 1 G on the islands’ smartest car, an  Oldsmobile, was attributed to the Governor when seen in 1981 in The Valley.  RPWO gives it that between 1980 and ’85, the authority on the island was vested in ‘Her Majesty’s Commissioner’  who bore the plate ‘HMC’.    As an aside, it was unknown for a British Resident to use a non-British car in those days – and this is a Left-hand-drive ‘foreign’ car selected for Right-hand-drive Anguilla – very odd….. Brumby archive

Enlarge photo 376

Enlarge photo 377
Export 50's Thunderbird
I am not sure of the year, but this car was for sale in the State of Georgia, here in the USA in early 2011.

Enlarge photo 378
export firewall tag
As with GM Exports, Ford has a homologation plate affixed to the firewall.

Enlarge photo 379
Bird interior
Note manual transmission, kilometer speedo lens

Enlarge photo 380
Thunderbird 0-240
Close up shot of the metric speedometer lens

Enlarge photo 381

Enlarge photo 382
Import docs
Documentation indicates car was shipped to the United Kingdom, resize photo, to read

Enlarge photo 383
The German Mustang
Read the story why this car was named T-5 in Germany. Go to http://www.ponysite.de/fmcog/t5/ams_1764_e.htm

Enlarge photo 384
The German Mustang aka T-5
For the complete story on the t-5, go to this site http://www.ponysite.de/fmcog/t5/ams_1764_e.htm

Enlarge photo 385
T5 , dash picture
The speedo does not appear to be metric?

Enlarge photo 386
T5 interior

Enlarge photo 387
chrysler things

Enlarge photo 388
Chrysler is BIG into the export business
Yes Chrysler is big into exports. Chrysler owns brands and plants all over the globe. They have been in the export business for years. Goggle  CHRYSLER, EXPORT, VEHICLES. The internet is full of strange Chrysler stuff. Some of it is very interesting.

Enlarge photo 389

Enlarge photo 390

Enlarge photo 391

Enlarge photo 392

Enlarge photo 393

Enlarge photo 394

Enlarge photo 395
Mid East script

Enlarge photo 396

Enlarge photo 397
gm world 1934

Enlarge photo 398
gm world

Enlarge photo 399
GM World 54

Enlarge photo 400
GM mag cover2

Enlarge photo 401
GM mag cover

Enlarge photo 402
GM mag 11

Enlarge photo 403
GM mag building2

Enlarge photo 404
GM mag 111

Enlarge photo 405
gm world hitler

Enlarge photo 406
gm overseas

Enlarge photo 407
GM mag trucks

Enlarge photo 408
GM mag trains

Enlarge photo 409
GM mag trains2

Enlarge photo 410
GM mag cad

Enlarge photo 411
GM mag page

Enlarge photo 412
GM mag vette 55

Enlarge photo 413
GM mag train876

Enlarge photo 414
GM mag speaker 55

Enlarge photo 415
GM mag refer

Enlarge photo 416
GM mag queen 1

Enlarge photo 417
GM mag port

Enlarge photo 418
GM mag paris

Enlarge photo 419
GM mag lanuage

Enlarge photo 420
GM mag prime 1

Enlarge photo 421
GM mag king

Enlarge photo 422

Enlarge photo 423
King Baudouin

Enlarge photo 424
GM mag france2

Enlarge photo 425
GM mag france3

Enlarge photo 426
GM mag france

Enlarge photo 427
GM mag dairy

Enlarge photo 428
GM mag dairy truck

Enlarge photo 429
GM mag chev family

Enlarge photo 430
GM mag chev 55

Enlarge photo 431
GM pushing

Enlarge photo 432
GM mag cad2

Enlarge photo 433
GM mag building

Enlarge photo 434
gm building

Enlarge photo 435
Prince Bertil accepts a "one off" 56 Corvette
Prince Bertil of Sweden, seated, and Mr Baroll of GM Nordic inspect the "one off" Corvette built special for the Prince. Picture taken at GM Plant in Sweden. 1956 Corvette serial #41

Enlarge photo 436
The Prince and his Corvette
Prince Bertil takes delivery of 1956 #41 at GM Sweden plant. Mr Baroll represents GM Nordic, presents the Corvette.

Enlarge photo 437
Prince Bertil accepts Opel
Prince Bertil, standing on the right side of the picture, accepts a new Opel from Mr Baroll from GM Nordic. Notice the presentation is in front of the same GM Sweden building as when the Prince received his 1956 Corvette. These presentations were big press items/news events. As always, GM was big on public relations involving VIPs and GM products.

Enlarge photo 438
GM mag 1111a

Enlarge photo 439
GM mag 56 vette

Enlarge photo 440
GM mag 1111

Enlarge photo 441
GM mag 55s

Enlarge photo 442
gm 1939 exporting

Enlarge photo 443
GM mag group

Enlarge photo 444
GM mag office1

Enlarge photo 445
GM mag office2 001

Enlarge photo 446
GM mag office9

Enlarge photo 447
GM mag office10

Enlarge photo 448
GM mag office5

Enlarge photo 449
GM mag office2

Enlarge photo 450
GM mag office

Enlarge photo 451
GM mag office4

Enlarge photo 452
GM mag office7

Enlarge photo 453
GM mag office6

Enlarge photo 454
GM mag office8

Enlarge photo 455
GM mag office3

Enlarge photo 456
GM mag office3 001

Enlarge photo 457
Good Bye from GM Overseas

Enlarge photo 458
Contact Info
If you have comments or information, please forward to: jimmyhurt@kinex.net
         NCRS #1387

Enlarge photo 459
Jimmy Hurt- Collector of Export Info
I have been collecting information on Exports since 1977 when I purchased a 1957 Export. I have been interested in the modifications these Exports received as they made their way to other parts of the world. I have collected data and photos on 75 plus Export Corvettes. I also have info on VIP owners, Export Literature, GM prototypes abroad and lots of odds and ends. I also collect info on Exported other makes, including Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick, Corvair and Camaro.

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I have owned a 1978 Corvette Pace car (Export Version) since 1982. I'm looking for the bi-lingual(french) version of the owner's manual. Any help out there would be greatly appreciated. Has KM speedo, "use unleaded fuel" in french, mandatory rustproofing and Canadian "Maple Leaf" on on door sill. Tank sticker is illegible and can't determine dealership origin.
Lou Bartholomay, Tue, 18 Mar 2014 10:38AM
Hi! Great site.
I own a Antwerp Corvette 64 cab. The funny with this corvette is that it always have had the 65 instrumentation with Km speedometer
etc. and the harness is also consistent with the 1965 and this since it were imported to Sweden 1975.
Mail me and I can send images / data.
Lars-Goran, Sweden
Lars Goran Karlsson | www.kitfox.eu, Thu, 29 Nov 2012 1:54PM
I am truly glad to read this website posts which consists of tons of valuable data, thanks for providing such information.
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Have  65 fuel injected Corvette purchased from Harry Hood.
Robert Atkins, Mon, 21 Nov 2011 5:50PM
Great job on your export website. I enjoyed reviewing some of the neat cars that were sold overseas.

Regards,  Dave Gray
Carlisle, Pa.
David Gray, Mon, 22 Aug 2011 4:20PM
Nice pictures and stories.Would anybody know where I can find details of my 1957 Chevrolet that starts his live on the Antwerp plant.Have the original tagplate on the firewall but couldn't find any details about it on the Chevrolet forums and sites in the USA.Need as much info as possible to get the car registrated and roadlegal in Holland because of new rules here since august this year.Thanks a lot
Peter, Wed, 1 Dec 2010 11:22AM
Very nice!  I have the dates of the Prince Bertil Tech Center visit and Buick drive with Zora photos and the circumstances surrounding who  alsois in the photo and why if you are interested.
Ken Kayser | www.tachometerpress.com, Sun, 20 Dec 2009 1:22PM
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