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Neck Sashes
Tami Melby of Triple K Miniature Horses and Sheryll Fike of Fike Miniature Horses are creating beautiful neck sashes for Miniature Horses for pictures, parades or whenever you would like to dress up your favorite little equine.  We have many different colors and combinations to choose from.  We make mostly medium size as they will fit a 30" to 34" miniature. A large will fit a 33" to 38" miniature and a small will fit 26" to 30". We have had to increase our prices a little and as of January 20, 2013, Most of the sashes will sell for $125 each or $150 with a matching or coordinating halter.   Some sets will be a little higher, as we are making some a little more exquisite and our materials may cost more.  Prices are listed in descriptions of sashes.   Shipping in the US is a flat rate of $10 for one sash or set and $15 for multiple sets up to 4 sets. Shipping on international sales will be quoted. Please keep in mind when ordering halters, they are not show halters, just decorative.  Check out the sashes that we have discounted!  They are all very pretty! Please call Tami at 701-341-1680 or e-mail her at triplek@gondtc.com. Call Sheryll at 701-652-5469 or e-mail at jsfike@daktel.com.  We accept PayPal.
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