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This is a collection of ERTE's ART to WEAR jewelry available exclusively from DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY at RUBY LANE. 

Those unfamiliar with this famous artist, sculptor and painter who is considered "The Father of Art Deco" can learn more about him HERE.  A simple internet search will yield information, photos of his paintings, sculptures and serigraphs, many of which were the basis of ERTE's ART TO WEAR jewelry produced late in his life by CFA, The Circle of Fine Arts Gallery. 

Erte's ART TO WEAR is hard to find and very expensive but it's the darling of collectors. We have priced our few pieces as reasonably as possible and our prices are quite competitive. If you are searching for Erte jewelry, be careful: many of his famous pieces are now being made using only silver and swarovski crystals. Look for the authentic pieces, marked with Erte's scripted signature, CFA, 14K/SS and in many cases, with the actual edition number of the piece as many of Erte's jewelry pieces were released in limited editions. Look for something like this: 3/50, 225/250 or similar. 

Enjoy your browse and follow the links to purchase these pieces or learn more at DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY.

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