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1950 B-1-PW
My first Power Wagon.  Former US Forest Service truck from Idaho.  The wooden cab mounts were charred from use in fighting brush fires.  Restored to original condition.  Sold!
Date(s): August 15, 2005. Album by dave horvath. 1 - 24 of 52 Total. 5150 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Photo of truck in Idaho where it was used on a ranch.  My truck is the red one on the left.  It was originally Dodge Truck Dark Green.  I purchased it from Herb Hobi of Oregon.

Enlarge photo 2
Truck being delivered.  That's my dad, Don Horvath, on the right.  He was somewhat skeptical at first but I think he liked the trucks.

Enlarge photo 3
A happy day!  Truck was stored and disassembled in this old barn on the farm.  No electricity or running water and I was working five hours away in Virginia at the time.

Enlarge photo 4
Nick likes it too!  Hard to believe he was only five years old at the time.  He is 26 now!

Enlarge photo 5
Original wooden floor boards in the express body.  First series beds had five skid strips as opposed to seven in the second and third series beds.

Enlarge photo 6
Bed removed from frame.  1950 was the last year for the first series (4 stake pocket) express bed.  Fenders were removed for repair due to damage from tire chains.

Enlarge photo 7
Down to the frame!  After removing everything I drug the frame out in the parking lot for sandblasting.  Note rebuilt axle assembly with new tires in the background.

Enlarge photo 8
Close-up shot of front axle assembly during rebuild.

Enlarge photo 9
Here's a photo of the chassis painted with self-etching primer and Martin Senour chassis black.  Wheels are painted with Dupont Centari acrylic enamel in Ponchartrain (Pine) Green.

Enlarge photo 10
"Before" picture of flathead six cylinder engine.

Enlarge photo 11
"After" picture of engine professionally rebuilt.  The valves weren't adjusted properly so we had to reset the clearances.

Enlarge photo 12
Crashbox, non-synchromesh transmission.  Also rebuilt.

Enlarge photo 13
Here's the belhousing with new pedal shafts and bushings.

Enlarge photo 14
Flywheel professionally resurfaced!

Enlarge photo 15
My friend Randall Kennedy and his son help me get the engine and transmission ready for installation in the chassis.

Enlarge photo 16
Another milestone!  Engine and transmission safely installed.  Braden MU-2 winch also installed.

Enlarge photo 17
View of engine and chassis.

Enlarge photo 18
This is the transfer case.  It worked fine so I just cleaned and painted it.  I did have the emergency brake band relined.

Enlarge photo 19
Somebody call a cab?  The bullet hole and stress cracks are welded and major dents removed.  Ready for sandblasting and painting.

Enlarge photo 20
Cab in primer.  I love the small back window.

Enlarge photo 21
Cab meets chassis.  Note steering column in place, but not the steering wheel yet.  Wish I still had access to this garage!

Enlarge photo 22
Cab at local body shop for finish coat.  I painted the underside of the cab before mounting.  Note the "Reflectix" insulation mounted inside cab.

Enlarge photo 23
Cab and chassis back in the garage.

Enlarge photo 24
The bed.  Right rear stake pocket and section of top rail replaced.  Lots of straightening and filling to be done.

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I really like the power wagon, would love to own one some day. great pictures!
Jed McDonald, Fri, 15 Sep 2006 3:21PM
Dave, Good top speak with you. I enjoyed the picture tour of your 1950 PW. It's a beauty. I hope to see you in October. Ted
Ted Bullard, Sat, 26 Aug 2006 1:03PM
case | www.mcpacific.net, Fri, 25 Aug 2006 1:06PM
Great job on the truck. Thanks for posting the pics, they are a great reference for parts suppliers.
Jake | www.timberstar.ca, Fri, 25 Aug 2006 8:23AM
Nice looking truck - what a lot of work you have done.  Can't wait to see it.
Frances, Sat, 27 Aug 2005 3:13PM
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