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This album documents a remarkable 18 months in the life and career of one Marine, promoted on 1 May 2006 to Sergeant Major of Marines, and awarded the Nation's second highest award for acts of combat heroism, the Navy Cross.

An almost miraculous facet of this 18 months is that Kasal's wounds were life threatening, (7 bullet wounds and shrapnel from grenade explosion), and surgeons had recommended amputation of the right leg below the knee.  At the end of the 18 months, Kasal is promoted and receives orders to new duty station.

The Commanding General of the 1st Marine Division, Major General Richard Natonski, summed up Kasal's actions with this comment, "He set an example for future generations of combat leaders to emulate."

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This album offered as a salute to Sergeant Major of Marines, Brad Kasal.

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Date(s): 13Nov04 / 1May06. Album by BB Yarborough. Photos by BB Yarborough except as noted. 1 - 28 of 28 Total. 15140 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
a Kasal
Photo by Lucian Read, WPN. Nov 13, 2004.  1stSgt Kasal of Weapons Co., 3/1, being assisted from the house where action took place.

Enlarge photo 2
Kasal (in wheelchair) attends Memorial Dedication of 3/1 on May 5, 2005.  Frank Albano, Marine vet of C-1-1 in Korea, talks to Kasal.

Enlarge photo 3
Photo by former Marine John  Wintersteen, of 3/1 homecoming April 1, 2006.  Kasal with cane.

Enlarge photo 4
IMG 2086
Just prior to Kasal ceremony formation taking place on grinder.  Host unit is Assault Amphibian School Bn, Camp Del Mar (Pendleton).

Enlarge photo 5
IMG 2091
Stands begin to fill for start of ceremony.  Large contingent of 3/1 Marines on hand to pay respects to Kasal.

Enlarge photo 6
IMG 2093
Amtracks of host unit frame the parade deck where ceremony will take place.

Enlarge photo 7
IMG 2094
Ceremony formation includes manned Amtracks.

Enlarge photo 8
IMG 2099
1stSgt Brad Kasal takes place on the command, "Person to be decorated, front & center!"

Enlarge photo 9
IMG 2101
L/R, SgtMaj Harrell, LtCol D.L. Reeves, & MajGen Michael Lehnert prepare to present award of the Navy Cross to Kasal.

Enlarge photo 10
IMG 2104
MajGen Lehnert pins the Navy Cross to Kasal's uniform.

Enlarge photo 11
IMG 2107 1
MajGen Lehnert addresses audience, notes Kasal represents accurate definition of "hero," even though he can predict that Kasal will deny that status.

Enlarge photo 12
IMG 2109 1
Kasal, after decoration, listens to MajGen Lehnert's comments.

Enlarge photo 13
IMG 2117 1
Kasal's turn to acknowledge the award and express appreciation to Corps, family, comrades & friends.

Enlarge photo 14
IMG 2120 1
Kasal made particular note of his 3/1 comrades who served with him in Iraq and thanked them for their presence this day.

Enlarge photo 15
IMG 2124 1
Following decoration and comments, Kasal was promoted to SgtMajor, reenlisted, and took the oath.

Enlarge photo 16
IMG 2126
Formal ceremony concluded, time for Kasal to accept personal congratulations and well wishes from all those present.

Enlarge photo 17
IMG 2131
Marines of all ranks and duty stations took turns to shake hands.

Enlarge photo 18
IMG 2133
Kasal patient and outgoing with every greeter.

Enlarge photo 19
IMG 2135
Marines from the ranks warmly greeted and chatted easily with the SgtMajor.

Enlarge photo 20
IMG 2138
Kasal received greetings from many Marine vets from 3/1 and other units in the 1st Marines.

Enlarge photo 21
IMG 2139
Close friends in abundance were included in the crowd of well wishers.

Enlarge photo 22
IMG 2140
A bit of hero worship evident among the young in attendance.

Enlarge photo 23
IMG 2144
Kasal never rushed his Marines during the lengthy greeting session.

Enlarge photo 24
IMG 2145
Marine veterans from WWII, Korea, and Viet Nam waited as long as it took to take Kasal's hand.

Enlarge photo 25
IMG 2147
Warmth and interest demonstrated in every greeting.

Enlarge photo 26
IMG 2148
The Sergeant Major looks around and recognizes that he has greeted the last person in line.

Enlarge photo 27
IMG 2152
As event nears end, Kasal visits with fellow 1st Sergeants of 3/1, Moran and O'Loughlin.

Enlarge photo 28
Kasal text
The Navy Cross citation.

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