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COGS Photo Gallery
Welcome to the Cyclists of Greater Seattle Photo Gallery
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2013 COGS Picnic
1. 2013 COGS Picnic  (8/8/2013)
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2013 COGS WA-BC Tour
2. 2013 COGS WA-BC Tour  (6/29-7/8/13)
Ralph and Carol led us on an excellent adventure through the remote and beautiful Washington and British Columbia Okanogan Valley.
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Vashon Island
3. Vashon Island  (7/6/2013)
Richard and Lloyd led an excellent ride around Vashon, down some of the most fun and interesting roads on the island.  The weather was in the low to mid-70s, making for a very comfortable ride.  The group consisted of Richard, Lloyd, Victoria, Arnie, Soheil, Tom, Bob
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Hurricane Ridge Ride June 15 2013
4. Hurricane Ridge Ride June 15 2013  (June 15 2013)
A few pics from this year's ride. About 30 people in total took the challenge, including friends from WestSound for a great day's ride.  Ken Kato suffered an unfortunate encounter with a car on 101, his collarbone is on the mend and the driver is being charged.
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Mt Rainier - Paradise
5. Mt Rainier - Paradise  (6/4/2013)
Tom Tanner lead a great ride up to Paradise from Ashford.  Here's some pictures I took in route up the mountain.
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Kingston to Port Townsend Loop
6. Kingston to Port Townsend Loop  (5/5/2012)
A ride on the West side of the Sound, of COGS and West Sound cyclists organized and led by Mark Peterson.  Ride miles were ~ 84 miles and 4600 feet of elevation gain.  Generally dry weather, but a few drops to scare us in Port Townsend and somewhat chilly temps during the ride.
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Mt Rainier - Ashford to Paradise
7. Mt Rainier - Ashford to Paradise   (5/15/2012)
A group of around 23 COGS and West Sound cyclists, organized and led by Tom Tanner, made the 48 mile round trip, 3600 ft climb from Asford to Paradise.  It was a beautiful day for a ride up the mountain and a stop for black berry pie on the journey back to our cars.
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Lincoln Park, Tacoma, Vashon
8. Lincoln Park, Tacoma, Vashon  (04/15/2012)
60 mile ride with 4,000 ft. elevation gain.
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New Years Day 2012
9. New Years Day 2012  (January 1st, 2012)
Ten COGS rides turned out for the first ride of the year. The sun came out and it warmed up (if you consider 51 degrees warm!).
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2011 COGS Holiday Party
10. 2011 COGS Holiday Party  (Dec 8, 2011)
The annual COGS Holiday Party.  Held at the Tutta Bella in Wallingford.  We had a great turnout, good food, great company and a lot of fun!  ... not an empty seat in the room.
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South Lake Loop
11. South Lake Loop  (October 8, 2011)
Richard Petters (ride leader) and 8 other riders enjoyed the sunshine and great company on a 40 mile loop around the south end of Lake Washington
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12. PROS  (9/5/11)
Perimeter ride of Seattle
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COGS on STP 2011
13. COGS on STP 2011  (July 9th, 2011)
This year's STP had perfect weather - mild temps and even a tailwind for part way.
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Whidbey Island
14. Whidbey Island   (July 23, 2011)
Beautiful ride through Whidbey Island towns.  Departed and returned via the Mukilteo ferry.  The ride was organized by Bill and led by a combination of Bill, Ken and Mark.   The ride ended up with about 77 miles and 6200 feet of vertical climb ... not too shabby.  A much anticipated lunch stop in Coupeville at the Knead and Feed.
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Tour de Gary Memorial Ride
15. Tour de Gary Memorial Ride  (Thursday, July 14, 2011)
To honor the memory of Gary Strauss (and there were many of them), his family organized the Tour de Gary Memorial Ride around Mercer Island. In typical Gary Ride form, a large group gathered and in true memorial fashion, we had a police escort around the island.

Great to see friends old and new and remember a wonderful person.
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