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157975 Coro Katz Elephant Brooch 50
"I actually own this broach and would be glad to send you a photo of it for your presentation, if you would like. It has an amber stone for the elephants body & a turq stone for his eye. The rider on top has an amethest body and a peridot colored face.Any idea what it is worth. I seem to remember seeing it in a large book on costume jewelry in France and it was unusually valuable. I would appreciate any info you might have. Thanks, Michaele" --Michaele Ignon, 05/19/05
"I have this brooch as well, and it is signed Coro in script on the back, on the pin mechanism, but the elephant's body has a clear and pink swirled glass stone, and the elephant's eye is a pink rhinestone. The rider has an aqua blue rhinestone body, and a clear rhinestone face. I have a photo if you're interested." --Sherry, 06/27/07
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