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The Mitsubishi / Nissan partnership

The 34% stake that Nissan has acquired in Mitsubishi has brought a new dimension not only to Mitsubishi and Nissan but to the world automobile market as well.

The Mitsubishi / Nissan collaboration would propel the world automobile market to new heights and the fruits of this union would put many other car makers in a quandary and they would need to bring forth new innovations to meet this challenge. 

Mitsubishi plans in a nutshell

Whilst Mitsubishi has ambitious plans to launch a new SUV every year till 2021 they are intending to phase out the Lancer which has been their mainstay car for many years.

The Mitsubishi / Nissan marriage could see major changes in design, manufacture and marketing collaboration in many years into the future and not in the recent.

The Mirage and Lancer

Since the launch of these two models some years back, no new cars have come out of any Mitsubishi facility and the success of these two have been phenomenal and the need to bring a new model car was always shelved.

Now Mitsubishi is phasing out the Lancer and planning a new car for the year 2017 that would be launched towards the end of 2017 or early 2018.

This car which is still to be named and kept a well guarded secret would be a crossover between two very successful SUVs the Outlander Sport and the Outlander, two very popular models in the market.

It would be a completely in house creation of Mitsubishi and with little or no inputs from their new collaborator and partner Nissan.

The newest Mitsubishi

To be launched with many a pomp and pageantry at the Geneva Auto Show in March this year it would bring Mitsubishi back into the popular realms of the real feelings of being in the thick of the action in car production which it has been a “also ran” for some years now.

Since the launch of their Mirage Hatchback in 2013, there has been nothing exciting happening at Mitsubishi and this launch is eagerly looked forward to by every car enthusiast with great expectations that it would give every other car maker a run for their money especially after the very interesting marriage between Mitsubishi and Nissan.

Small secrets whispered

A few snippets have been disclosed by Mitsubishi of which they have said that the new car would be packed with a powerful four-cylinder turbo charged engine that would have more power and torque than the Outlander Sport or the standard Outlander.

It is also disclosed that it would have some of Mitsubishi’s identifiable features like the grille and other styling which would make it instantly recognizable with the popularity of the brand.

Fingers are kept crossed for D-Day in March when the Geneva Auto Show opens and the world would see Mitsubishi’s newest baby which would definitely bring a new dimension to how cars would be selected by those discerning car enthusiasts going into the new decade.       



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