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I would like to share some images of my passion, Costume Jewelry. I hope you enjoy.
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VFCJ 2007
1. VFCJ 2007  (10/17-20/2007)
3150 Visits
33 Images
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2. Stuff 
Stuff to Share
2008 Visits
11 Images
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Jewelry Ads - Vogue
3. Jewelry Ads - Vogue 
Jewelry ads from vintage Vogue magazines in my collection.  Both fine and costume ads.
4730 Visits
45 Images
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Patent Pieces
4. Patent Pieces 
These are pieces from my personal collection that I have been able to track down the design patent on.
3161 Visits
33 Images
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5. Green 
Some of my favorite unsigned (mostly) jewels.
2709 Visits
21 Images
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6. DOW  (February 22, 2005)
My contributions to Jewelcollect Designer of the Week
4 Albums
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Fashion Ads - Vogue
7. Fashion Ads - Vogue 
Not just jewelry:
Fashion, accessories, etc.
6687 Visits
38 Images
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JC Questions
8. JC Questions  (April 25, 2004)
4148 Visits
40 Images
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Phoenix Jools
9. Phoenix Jools  (June 3, 2004)
Repairs and Restorations
1670 Visits
4 Images
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Sarah Jewel's
10. Sarah Jewel's 
Some of my Sarah Coventry Collection. Thank you to Jan Koltes for providing most of the ID's.
5167 Visits
110 Images
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Sarah's Crosses
11. Sarah's Crosses 
This is my collection of Sarah Coventry Crosses.  Most of them are 2-3" tall.  I have what I believe to be the entire "Limited Edition" collection 1973 - 1981. Please let me know if you have other large SC crosses I can add to my collection.
3935 Visits
19 Images
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Sarah's Flower of the Month
12. Sarah's Flower of the Month  (October 20, 2002)
These are my Flower of the Month sterling pins.  They are from the 1968 Lady Coventry line by Sarah Coventry.  I would like to have them all.  Please let me know of you can supply any of the ones I am missing.
3136 Visits
13 Images
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Jeff & Sherry's Wedding
13. Jeff & Sherry's Wedding  (September 24, 2005)
5117 Visits
216 Images
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Glad Tidings Bible Institute - 1937
14. Glad Tidings Bible Institute - 1937 
My Grandmother's pictorial year book from Glad Tidings Bible Institue in San Francisco, Califorina Class of 1937  I think some family photos got into the mix also
4709 Visits
71 Images
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Friends & Family
15. Friends & Family  (December 3, 2002)
2822 Visits
16 Images
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