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Nakey Dog Duds


In this folder is all the fabrics that have available at this time, as well as some of the styles of clothing. If you don't see it,ask for it. It's a good chance that I make it but don't have it posted yet.
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Bandana's for every occasion!
1. Bandana's for every occasion! 
This is a new item,I've started making. I presently have Christmas bandana's available.
I will have seasonal holiday patterns , as well as everyday, and a few fancy fabrics.
Sizes from 2 lbs and up!
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Nakey Dog Duds
2. Nakey Dog Duds 
Here are some of the outfits that I'm sewing for our beloved Nakey Dogs!  I live with 4 totally nakey babies so I'm well aware of their needs .
I have flannel jammies for lounging around the house when there is a nip in the air,and polarfleece for outside adventures.
Prices are :
Polar fleece jammies/coats -$20.00
bodysuits -$15.00,for regular stretchknit,
Holographic/designer stretchknits- $20.00 Vests- $15.00.
Hooded jogging suits - $20.00.
4 legged tee shirts -$15.00,
2 legged tee's are $12.50.
2 legged Polar fleece jackets- $15.00.  
You can see  the selection of fabrics on my other albums on this site. Just pull up the index and go where it says NDD.
$4.85 S&H for first outfit ,$1.00 per outfit additional outfits.

My sizes range from x-small( 8 inches),Small ( 10 Inches)Medium (12 inches) large ( 14 inches) Larger sizes up to 24 inches ,available as custom orders.
Contact me if you have any questions on sizing.  Feel free to contact me with special needs for your special AHT or other breed of dog.
You may contact me by  e-mail at: cedarrose@prtcnet.org
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NDD/bodysuits & Tee shirts
3. NDD/bodysuits & Tee shirts 
In this album are the bodysuits and tee shirt fabrics. They are  either 2 way or 4 way stretch lycra or lycra-spandex. Tee shirt material is jersey,rugby and regular tee shirt material.
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NDD/Polar Fleece
4. NDD/Polar Fleece 
Here is some of the selections of Polar Fleece fabrics that use in my outfits. I can make 2 or 4 legged jackets,jammies or coats,as well as vests.
Just pick your fabric and pattern. I have all solid colors available. If you do not see on this page just ask.
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Faux furs
5. Faux furs  
This album contains my faux furs and suedes.
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