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Cavy Cages - Closed Cube & Coroplast
Cavy Cages is a Guinea Pig Cages website providing information on proper guinea pig cages and sizes. Before you buy a cage, check out this website. The Cubes and Coroplast design is superior in many ways.
This album includes examples of closed--or cat-proof--cages made from cubes and Coroplast.
Date(s): October 10, 2001. Album by 13 - 24 of 26 Total. 65651 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 13
Nancy's 3x2
"How do the piggies get up to the sec..."
"It looks like they hop up on the woo..."
"I thought I saw a rope that the cavi..."
"the bottom of the ramp is at the bac..."
"Erm, that's a hay rack."
"And there's a ramp leading on to the..."
"I agree with pixie_stix. You can bar..."
"shes right. go to photo 15 and you ..."
"The little pigs sprout wings and fly..."
"doesnt it seem a little crowded. It ..."
"That's really cool"
"OnHhh! this is really cute! i wish i..."
"how big does it have 2 b 2 have 1 gp..."
"how big does it have 2 b 2 have 1 gu..."
"yeah i agree with OOGA AND BOOGA and..."
"it's very roomy."
"Hey everyone!! Im looking to make a ..."
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Enlarge photo 14
Nancy's 3x2
"That is exactly the same size I want..."
"how did you attatch the door so it w..."
"Try zip-ties. (cable ties of the sor..."
"Why did you cut off the entrance to ..."
"That looks small-i wouldn't be able ..."
"Is there a ramp to the second floor?..."
"She cut off the edges cause the pigg..."
"were's the ramp??????????????"
"This is a really good idea. I would ..."
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Enlarge photo 15
Nancy's 3x2

Enlarge photo 16
Katn77's cage
"What was the cost for the cage?"
"Please...... How did make your cage?..."
"What did you use for the column supp..."
"Hi I was wondering if you could tell..."
"Hi,I'm in the middle of making a cag..."
"Love it! How did you make the door? ..."
"This is such a cute cage!:) I just g..."
"please email me the instuctions. I'l..."
"please send me the info on how you d..."
"What do you do to get the cage door ..."
"Wow, I had no idea until today that ..."
"One more response. This cage has 2 p..."
"This isn't about the cage but do gui..."
"They really need a friend. They are ..."
"This is such a cute cage!:) I just g..."
"This is REALLY cute!"
"I really love this cage! Could you p..."
"i like the checker board design it i..."
"I love your design, it makes the cag..."
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Enlarge photo 17
Katn77's cage
"This is a cool cage!"
"This cage is really cool! I only hav..."
"Oh my gosh, I am so stupid, I just r..."
"wow i love this cage :)"
"This cage is amazing!!!! I absoloutl..."
"I would like to know how you made th..."
"Love the coroplast, very creative, t..."
"We're adopting a pair of piggies in ..."
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Enlarge photo 18
Katn77's cage
"What are those bungee cords for? I ..."
"Cool, just felt like adden' a commen..."
"how do you make the door stay closed..."
"The bungee cords are there to hold t..."
"But *josie*, why would you need bung..."
"They hold it up for cleaning and mai..."
"EAT POOP B****!!!!!!!!!!"
"i think i see a cat in the backround..."
"How big is that cage? If I counted c..."
"Professer Piggers the picture clearl..."
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Enlarge photo 19
Nurgle's Cage
"My cat will try anything to get at B..."
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Enlarge photo 20
Nurgle's Cage
"Awesome cage! Keep up the good work!..."
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Enlarge photo 21
Nurgle's Cage
"thanks so much for the close up of t..."
"Thank you for showing multiple pictu..."
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Enlarge photo 22
Nurgle's Cage
"Very colourful!"
"Very huge... Looks like a pain to cl..."
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Enlarge photo 23
Nurgle's Cage
"dont your cavies get stuck in that t..."
"Your cage is the exact same size as ..."
"Sarah, if you get a big enough PVC p..."
"Dani T.,thats a mean remark."
"where did you get the lid from? i fo..."
"I like this cage! No offense, but Nu..."
"Hey nurgle, i agree with iluvpiggies..."
"nurgle's an aorable name!"
"is nurgle your name? in that case ne..."
"And Wylie is a normal, everyday, hum..."
"Where do you buy the side panels fro..."
"my bestfriends name is wylie! so yea..."
"is this a website about guinnie pig ..."
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Enlarge photo 24
Nurgle's Cage
"I like the colors!"
"Ohhhhhhhhhhh no here comes the cat!"
"That is cute cage it looks pretty fu..."
"awwww cute kitty"
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