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Cavy Cages - Bunk Bed Cage
Cavy Cages is a Guinea Pig Cages website providing information on proper guinea pig cages and sizes. Before you buy a cage, check out this website. The Cubes and Coroplast design is superior in many ways.
Jade's Bunk Bed Cage which includes some great ideas for recycling inexpensive items into cavy cage accessories. For more info on this cage, see this Cavies Galore thread.
Date(s): June 29, 2002. Album by 16 - 30 of 39 Total. 41198 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 16
The Downstairs Cage
A view of just the downstairs cage, before I began construction of the upstairs cage.
"That is a wonderful"
"that is a great idea but if i do get..."
"WHAT A GREAT CAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..."
"You want a smaller cage, I just had ..."
"Great idea ^.^ Is that a plexiglass ..."
"your pigs are so lucky!"
"Awesome cage! Could any of these cag..."
"sweet house how do you make the upst..."
"how easy \ cheap was that?"
"isn't that hard to clean?"
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Enlarge photo 17
Fish Toy
This is an item in the downstairs cage... The type of little brass bell we use on football homecoming mums here in Texas. I tied a cotton string pulled through this fish I got from a cereal box and Simon has a bell he loves to ring.
"You live in Texas? Do you know where..."
"i used to live in texas. i know exac..."
"You have inspired me! You have done..."
"Cute toy!"
"You live in Texas!?! I have family m..."
"Mums are those flowers that they put..."
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Enlarge photo 18
Pumpkin Toy
In the same downstairs cage with Simon but seperated by a divider lives Sidney. He likes quieter bells so he was given this little Halloween bell on a ribbon. When giving a pig a bell that was not sold specifically for guinea pigs, be sure it is safe and will not come apart or does not have small parts that can break loose.
"I am a Cavy new to this site. Can an..."
"put it by the air conditioner"
"Spooky toy!"
"Hi i'm Cozmo my mumma gave me one of..."
"i have the same bell in my pigs cage..."
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Enlarge photo 19
Soap Dishes
My odd use of soap dishes as pellet bowls. I have four of these so far. Two in the three pig cage, and one each in the single pig cage. I got them at thrift stores ranging in price from 40 cents to 1$. So far only this type will work. They must be sunk into the bedding a bit and then they will not tip if a pig just leans his paws on it while he eats.
"My solution for the tipping dish pro..."
"Well here's my idea on the food bowl..."
"i went to the dollar store and bough..."
"We just use regular guinea pig bowls..."
""I got a $6 ceramic food dish f..."
"Thats a great idea!!! Could you guys..."
"I found these shallow, heavy ceramic..."
"I love this idea, I have many cavies..."
"Do you put your guinea pig food in t..."
"I like the idea with the soap dishis..."
"my pigs were tipping over just about..."
"hey thanks alot smart idea so useful..."
"love Vanessa's solution, I'm goin to..."
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Enlarge photo 20
Now Pellet Dishes!
The pellet dishes hold about a days supply of pellets which is good because the pigs will be getting fresh pellets daily.
"Thats a really good idea"
"Good way to recycle! $_$ It also sav..."
"I never thot of that! thanx!"
"I guess you do!!!"
"ai iit peles andd theiy r iummy mii ..."
"i love all of your ideas!!!!its so o..."
"Very good idea :3 Reusing :D The 3 r..."
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Enlarge photo 21
Pellet Dish in Use!
Sidney happily munching pellets at his dish.
"Very cute!!"
"Scary pig, scary pig, AAAAAAAAA!!! J..."
"This pig looks like one of mine; his..."
"this looks like my cavy her name is ..."
"adorable, handsome little pig! i lov..."
"hello sydney!"
"what do u no, that looks sooooooooo ..."
"Oh, he is so cute!!! He looks like m..."
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Enlarge photo 22
Hay Bin
For my two boars who live alone because they could not get along, I chose to use a small hay bin rather than a large rack. This is actually a pencil tray or for other similar items. It came in a pack of four for a few dollars at WalMart.
"That is a great idea!!"
"My guinea would chew that to shreds,..."
"dont pigs chew plastic?"
"Hi, yu did an awesome job!!!! Will ..."
"You need to cut down on recycling st..."
"Oh, so you don't want people to help..."
"i say,that your guinea pigs are luck..."
"I love this idea I just got to cavie..."
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Enlarge photo 23
Hay Bin - Side View
The hay bin (pencil tray) measures about 10 1/2 inches long by 3 inches wide by 2 1/2 inches deep. I secured them to the wall so they would stay put.
"I love it 2!!!"
"I love it 3! ...&4, and 5 and 6 and ..."
"If you're piggie ate that would he c..."
"Nice idea nice site nice pig nice ev..."
"i wish i could use cheap stuff like ..."
"I use these baskets for fruit & vegg..."
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Enlarge photo 24
Stuffed Hay Bin
Simon at his overstuffed hay bin.
"What a handsome Piggie!"
"Did he go to a wedding yet? He looks..."
"My cavies were just married this wee..."
"looks like an ugly skunk"
"critazier... you are a very rude per..."
"God idea."
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"critazier you are so so UGH i think ..."
"I!!! I'm getting my 1st piggies soon..."
"I!!!! I'm getting my 1st piggies soo..."
"I! this cavy is adorable! and skunks..."
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Enlarge photo 25
Front of Downstairs Cage
This is a glass window that used to be the front door of a stereo case. It has smooth edges, but all edges the pigs could reach have been blocked so they cannot gain access to chew on them. It is held in place with the plastic strips nailed to wood frame you will see in other photos.
"You are very creative with alot of g..."
"You Make Me Want TO GO Rdo My GUINEA..."
"Note: You could also use plexiglass,..."
"Very good idea."
"i luvv this cage! it inspires me :P"
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Enlarge photo 26
Removable Door - Right
The view through Sidney's removable door. Can you guess what this once was? It was an oven shelf. I scrubbed it shiny and it made an excellent door, but I had to build a wood frame to hold it in.
"It's kinda like a Thunder Dome- two ..."
"Good door. How did you make it?"
"nice idea but useing a oven self lol"
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Enlarge photo 27
Removeable Door- Left
The view through Simon's "oven shelf" door. You can see his Bucket house too. I made it from a rectangular mop bucket from Walmart. Just cut a door with the tinsnips.
"You have very creative ideas! And yo..."
"I love your cage! I want one just li..."
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Enlarge photo 28
Door Frame Base
The base of the doorframe is built from a 2 x 4 But there is a plastic cover cut from a piece of siding, for this is what holds in the glass window. The top bar is a smaller piece of wood. Behind it is a heavy coat hanger wire which hold the removeable door in place so it can be slid out of it's frame.
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Enlarge photo 29
Cubby Hole
Sidney has a little cubby hole low to the ground, he can jump into. It is secured to the grid walls of the bunk bed with heavy wire. He loves his bounce back toy now, But has lost interest in the Johnson and Johnson baby rattle hanging on the side of the cubby hole.
"your piggies are so lucky! I wish i ..."
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"If you didn't notice, 'private', it ..."
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"I wish I had a cage like that!"
"OK...'Private', how could you really..."
"That's so cute and a great idea. you..."
""Private" i agre with kay ..."
"this whole thing is amazing. & by th..."
"Yay for forest creatures! My piggies..."
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Enlarge photo 30
Cubby Hole Secured
A view of one of the wires securing the Cubby hole to the wall.
"#@!#@!$* you should comment on all t..."
"Sterling Clark A.K.A. the only boy i..."
"OMG u have so cute pigs AND so good ..."
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