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Jupiter is a sweet and wonderful male guinea pig, who is looking for a great home with another male pig to be his new buddy! He's a very big boy, but is only 8 months old. He is calm and relaxed, and loves his veggies!
"i have a male guinea pig that looked a lot like Jupiter when he was a little guy. I am looking for a male to keep him company. how would i go about getting info on adopting Jupiter?" --tricia, 07/10/09
"he is so cute and cuddly" --lauren, 07/27/09
"That's my guinea pig! I got him a month ago! He's doing very well and is one of the best guinea pigs I ever owned. His name is now Charlie." --Livvy and Nicole, 08/01/09
"I am looking for a new male piggie to be friends with my Jimmy. Jupiter resembles him except Jimmy is a morino (long curly haired) Where do you live, I live in PA and would love to adopt him. He would be very spoilied with toys, fruits, and veggies and have lots of outside play time." --Patricia, 08/19/09
"I've got a girl guniea pig. Can he mate?" --Kenna, 09/12/09
"he is very cute i wnt him...." --lilly, 10/20/09
"i need a boy guniea pig about 9 months or a year and if possible long hair (peruvian.and a rescue animal from a good treating place" --amy, 04/12/10
"You people are retarded- stop posting comments asking her to e-mail you, she probably is too busy to even read them. e-mail HER already!!!" --Celine, 06/14/10
"My guinea pig passed away yesterday. Now my remaining guinea pig, Ben, is looking for a buddy. Ben didn't get along with the one that passed away though, but I know how social he is and he still loves to talk with guinea pigs. Since Ben likes to the the dominant one, I am looking for a submissive, relaxed guinea pig that can be his buddy and offer some companionship. Any good matches?" --Jenna, 07/25/10
"my baby pig Sage is looking at the screen right now and wants a new friend! Jupiter is so coot!" --Mikey, 07/28/10
"I just filled out an app to adopt. I have a male that is about 3 years old now. I would love to find another to keep him company. If Jupiter would be compatible, I would love to adopt him. Are there adoption fees? I'm not sure exactly how this works. I am new to this site. He is adorable. He looks a little bit like the one we have now, PeeWee." --shanna, 08/13/10
"i want him because he is adorable and because my guinea pig is lonely and she would like a freind and it would be my freinds guinea but it would be a surprize because she is looking for one and i think it would be great if i could get him!!!!!!!!!!" --kylen, 08/30/10
"8 MONTHS!? Can't be! lol" --Allie, 10/21/10
"Were is your rescue center?? I have been looking for a male guinea pig for my male piggy. I think my Fudgey would get along great with Jupiter!" --Fudge, 10/30/10
"i want to buy one i live in sanjose my cellphone number is 619 788 8748 please call me asap" --Dennis, 03/02/11
"hi im looking for a guniea pig to be friends with my guniea pig my piggy his name is squeaky he is a male not neuterd but we plan on getting him neuterd he is very sweet and loves to eat veggies and snuggle do you think they would get along well." --charlotte, 05/20/11
"Jupiter is adorable; I love chubby guinea pigs and am about to adopt something like him" --Emma, 06/25/12
"HI my name is emily amd i would love to have him you see i have three guinea pigs and wabt another friend for my male as there are two girls and one male if you think that i would be his forever home it here waiting for him thanks" --emily, 11/01/12
"can i please get it?" --joannie, 03/28/13
"how much and were are yall located" --bug, 03/31/13
"how much?and were are yall located?" --bug, 03/31/13
"what a cute guinea pig,just like mine his name is Bugsy :-)" --piggie lover, 07/23/13
"I wish I could take him in as he is so sweet but i currently have 3 adult females and i don't want to risk their lives!!! (breeding)" --lauren, 08/20/13
"I want to adopt jupiter" --Abayomi kayode emmanuel, 12/09/16
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