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The Enchanted Castle
Costume jewelry to enjoy or buy. Other collectibles too, a very big assortment of goodies. Owner: Bobye Syverson
Date(s): April 15, 2004. Album by bobye syverson. Photos by bobye. 1 - 48 of 48 Total. 37310 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
The Enchanted Castle
Drawing by Hal Foster, creator of the Prince Valiant comic strip.
Permission to use granted over 30 years ago.

Enlarge photo 2
This Froggy is only old enough to be a teenager, but he is a cutie. 1½" tall.
Only $35

Enlarge photo 3
Straw beads. Very light weight. $25

Enlarge photo 4
Close up of straw beads

Enlarge photo 5
Not availableThis is blinding in its briliance and the rhinestones are BIG!  It is so large that I had to slant it on the scanner.  Push in clasp,

Enlarge photo 6
Wonderful bracelet. White enameled with purple stones. 7" long.  $105

Enlarge photo 7
Clamper with huge topaz stones. Very elegant.  $85

Enlarge photo 8
Regancy crown pin with peridot stones.  $95

Enlarge photo 9
This seems to be a hair clip. It is marked "France". Very glittery and hard to show that in a scan.

Enlarge photo 10
Full parure, unmarked. Has little crystal stones sprinkled on it. $125

Enlarge photo 11
Close up of earring from parure.

Enlarge photo 12
This is a marked Hobé. Very tailored and elegant. Those colors are really gold and silver!

Enlarge photo 13
The stones in this necklace are garnet red, but I am fairly sure that they are rhinestones. $55

Enlarge photo 14
Need something in peach color?

Enlarge photo 15
Genuine Lucite in black, with original hang tag.  $65

Enlarge photo 16
Very odd necklace by Les Bernard. It is made of cut and polished shells.  $65

Enlarge photo 17
Gorgeous Hobé necklace, in a captivating design.  $395

Enlarge photo 18
Lovely Swarovski necklace with the swan mark.  Very heavy chain, about 16".
The amethyst stone is about 1" across and beautifully cut.

Enlarge photo 19
This is a retired piece of Lunch at the Ritz.  The pieces by this company are highly collectible. This one is named "Country Music".

Enlarge photo 20
Very nice OLD dress buckle 2¼" Could be paste stones. $45

Enlarge photo 21
Hobé pin and earrings.  The pin is not quite 2½"  These almost look like bird nests. The center rhinestone is topaz color, surrounded by crystal stones.  The earrings are screw clips.
Price Out on consignment

Enlarge photo 22
This necklace is heavy! Hobé is marked on the back of the square pendant. A seated Buddha is the figure. Length around the neck is 22".  The pendant is 3" across, The center drop is 7".  There are green stones and filagree beads.
This will get you noticed!  SOLD

Enlarge photo 23
Hobé.  I am sure this is by the Hobé Company, but is not marked. This elephant looks female, I think, just look at those gold toe nails!  Made to look like ivory.  Neck chain is 18". The Lady measures 2¼" from her back to those gold toe nails, and 2½" from head to tail.  She has a rhinestone eye.
Price $65

Enlarge photo 24
Hobe, their designers were always creative!  The chunks look like ivory, but it is not very likely. however, with this company, it is possible.
The chain length is 24", pendant is 4½", earrings 2¼", and bracelet length is 7¼". This parure really looks like an ancient piece.SOLD

Enlarge photo 25
Back of the bracelet in previous picture.

Enlarge photo 26
Marked Coro, very brilliant clear stones.  They are NOT yellowed. About 2" across.
Price $35

Enlarge photo 27
Any fruit collectors?  Very nice pears, marked JJ  
Price $45

Enlarge photo 28
For basket collectors, this one is by Trifari.
Very pretty.
Price $95

Enlarge photo 29
A wheelbarrow pin by Hobé amd marked on the back.  Several companies made similar designs.

Enlarge photo 30
Sparkly curved leaf pin. Could be a D&E.  About 2½"  $25

Enlarge photo 31
Calling all elephant collotors! A nice pendant and matching pin. Notice the clasp on the chain is also an elephant! Approx. 2" across. Is that Bakelite?  I have no idea.  $55

Enlarge photo 32
More elephants. These are wearing rhinestones on their heads. The pin is about 2¼" across.  $55

Enlarge photo 33
Pansy collectors take note! Enamel on metal.Petal on your right needs some enamel replaced.
Top to bottom about 1 3/4". $20

Enlarge photo 34
Looks like real petie point to me. No mark. 1½" tall. The chain is probably not original.  $20

Enlarge photo 35
For flower basket collectors. This is not an expensive pin. Stones are glusd in. Pretty even if it is cheap.  $12.50

Enlarge photo 36
Super sparkle stones. Could be D&E.  About 2" across.  $20

Enlarge photo 37
Holiday earrings.  2" across, but not heavy because the red is not glass.  The petals are a form of translucent plastic and the backs are open so a light behind them can make them glow.  $20

Enlarge photo 38
Curved leaf dseign. Set in goldtone, the stones are black diamond and fucshia, with 3 crystal stones at the end of the stem. About 2¼" long. Juliana $75

Enlarge photo 39
This must have been a popular transfer.  The white streak on her collar and on her hair ornament are actual paint.  $65

Enlarge photo 40
According to my Copper Art book, this dsign is called Peter Pan.I no longer have the earrings

Enlarge photo 41
Marked Renoir.

Enlarge photo 42
Rhythm by Renoir. Hinged bracelet.No mark that I can find, but it is pictured in "Copper Art Jewelry"  $50

Enlarge photo 43
Early unmarked Matisse. Pictured in "Copper Art Jewelry" 6½" long.
$45   SOLD

Enlarge photo 44
Most expensive piece in the current Eisenberg line. 3" tall, made in either gold or silvertone metal.  $180
Marked Eisenberg Ice  Must be ordered

Enlarge photo 45
1944 ad showing the bow pin in the next picture. Notice that this pin cost $65 new, a very large sum in that year. Ring and earrings are 14kt.gold.

Enlarge photo 46
Brazilian Smokey Topaz Quartz stone. Gold over sterling. Mark: Eisenberg Original and numbered on the back.

Enlarge photo 47
Jomaz bracelet with dark blue enamel. $95

Enlarge photo 48
Jomaz pin and earrings, with white enamel.  $95

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