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Eisenbergs for sale
Date(s): February 18, 2005. Album by bobye syverson. Photos by Bobye. 1 - 34 of 34 Total. 8988 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
New Remake of the figural Ram done in the 40s. This cutie is only $50 compared to about $700 being asked on ebay for the old one  size 3½x2

Enlarge photo 2
Back side of the Ram. The Company calls it a Stag, the designer says it is a Deer.

Enlarge photo 3
Very handsome, and inexpensive, eagle pin. 3¼" wing tip to wing tip.  An amazing price!  $17.50
Mark is Eisenberg Ice

Enlarge photo 4
Can you imagine ME selling an Eisenberg Orginal?  Most of the stones are fine.  The large one on the right in the top row shows some cloudiness.
About 3"
Price $200

Enlarge photo 5
3" across and also made with blue and green stones. In the currant Eisenberg line.  $90
Has a lot of sparkle

Enlarge photo 6
This is the same size pin as the previous one, 3" across. Current line. Mark is Eisenberg Ice. $90

Enlarge photo 7
Most expensive tree in the current Christmas Tree Eisenberg line. 3" tall, made in either gold or silvertone metal.  $180
Marked Eisenberg Ice

Enlarge photo 8
1944 ad showing the bow pin in the next picture. Notice that this pin cost $65 new, a very large sum in that year. Ring and earrings are 14kt.gold.

Enlarge photo 9
Brazilian Smokey Topaz Quartz stone. Gold over sterling. Mark: Eisenberg Original and numbered on the back.

Enlarge photo 10
From the Eisenberg Contemporay line.  About 3" tall
One in stock SOLD. but can be ordered $50

Enlarge photo 11
A special Mermaid, marked Eisenberg Original.  Where I got her is a secret!  She is a reproduction that is why she is so inexpensive.  SOLD

Enlarge photo 12
A gorgeous glittery bee pin. The wing tip to wing tip measures about 2½"   $32.50

Enlarge photo 13
Just a bit over 3" tall from head to hoof.  The black spots are enamel.   $37.50

Enlarge photo 14
In my opinion, the prettiest Ckassic of all of them.  $200
size 4x3"

Enlarge photo 15
Just like the blue flower but in topaz color stones.

Enlarge photo 16
Classic Amethyst stones. 3½x3½" $160

Enlarge photo 17
Classic crystal bow size 2½x3" $150

Enlarge photo 18
Crystal Classic size 3x2½" $160

Enlarge photo 19
Classic red stones size 4éx2½" $200

Enlarge photo 20
Classic Amethyst and blue stones. size 4x2" $150

Enlarge photo 21
Classic Wreath silver color metal size 3x3"

Enlarge photo 22
These match but are priced seperately. The earrings are wires for pierced. Pin $15, earrings $8

Enlarge photo 23
The 3 largest stones have their points up and the top one is a crystal AB. All glued in stones.
About 3" point to point.  $55

Enlarge photo 24
In the current line. If only I could show the sparkle!  Can be purchased seperately. Pin $45, earrings $25.  Eisenberg Ice.

Enlarge photo 25
These match the next pin. These are posts for pierced ears. $15

Enlarge photo 26
Of course the dangle hangs straight.  2¼" across. $27.50

Enlarge photo 27
There is nothing like an upside down card!  This one originally sold for $67.50.  It is now $50.
About 2½" tall. Montana blue and green stones.

Enlarge photo 28
New Eisenberg pin. Size 2½x1½"  $50

Enlarge photo 29
New. This one is heavy.  The blue is a flat back mirror stone with a faceted top.  2½x2½"  Price is $55

Enlarge photo 30
New re-make of an old design. Now this is an oddity. All of the larger stones are crystal ABs. You will notice that they scanned an aqua color and they are NOT. size 4¼x3½" Price $125

Enlarge photo 31
Very small stones on this tree, mostly enamel stars $18

Enlarge photo 32
$40  3" top to bottom

Enlarge photo 33
$55    4" wing tip to wing tip

Enlarge photo 34
$135  a little over 2½"

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I learned so much from you.  I have about 16 Eisenberg originals.  Do you know if there is a jewelry book on just Eisenberg jewelry?Do you wear your jewelry?
Kathryn Baugus, Wed, 10 Feb 2010 3:17PM
I have an Eisenberg brooch and earring set clear and grey stones with a D mark on all 3 and the pin is jointed.bow,2fern fronds and 4 octagonal clear stones trying to date and value. I love your site very informative..would love any help I can get.thank you so much, kristine
kristine , Mon, 9 Feb 2009 9:58AM
I wish I could collect the older ones, times change, these are so beautiful, your photography is wonderful. Thank you.
Karen, Mon, 10 Sep 2007 12:36PM
I love the Eisenberg pieces. I collect the older ones. These are absolutely fabulous though.
Peter | www.thevintagejewelry.com, Tue, 1 Aug 2006 5:24PM
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