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Bob's Photo Albums
Welcome to the Bob's photo albums. I am a photographer living in Vero Beach, Florida. This web page shows some of some of my photography work, and a lot of my travels and adventures. Please check the links at the bottom of the page for my Facebook page.  Many of these images are for sale, if interested, I can be reached on e-mail ... BOBSPICS@COMCAST.NET
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1. Seabees 
A collection of Seabee images from WWII to Vietnam.  The Navy Seabees are the Fleet Marine Expeditionary Forces of the U.S. Navy.  They are the Combat Construction group responsible for projects with the Navy and the Marine Corps.  Born to Build, Trained to Fight, with compassion and honor... CAN DO.
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Miley Cyrus BANGERZ Concert
2. Miley Cyrus BANGERZ Concert  (3/12/2014)
Miley Cyrus brought her Bangerz concert to Dallas.  Kicking off the Concert was the Swedish group Icona Pop with  Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo.  The show ROCKED the American Airline Center.. the noise level was impressive, but not near as impressive as Miley Cyrus's voice.  She perfomed with NO vocal electronic assistance.. no doubling, voice overs or auto tuning.. just her voice, which has an unbelievable range.  The audience was mostly 16 and above and NO ONE went home without a smile on the face.  the antics that Miley has become infamous for were barely present.. out of her solid 2 hour performance.. maybe 5 minutes was slightly outrageous, and the tongue barely made it's presence known.
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Selena Gomez "Star Dance Tour" 2013
3. Selena Gomez "Star Dance Tour" 2013  (11/3/2013)
Here are some of my shots from the Star Dance Tour concert last night.  Selena Gomez put on a great performance.
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Taylor Swift RED Concert
4. Taylor Swift RED Concert  (5/25/2013)
Taylor Swift is the consummate show-person.. she puts 100% into her shows, and her fans eat it up.  Cowboy Stadium was a sell out at 55,000 people there to watch the show.  NEW IMAGES HAVE BEEN ADDED..
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Jason Aldean Night Train Tour
5. Jason Aldean Night Train Tour  (10/27/2012)
The Night Train Tour.. Jason Aldean, accompanied by Rachel Farley & Luke Bryan.. what a fantastic night.  The music was great, in fact, electric... thigh thumping, foot tapping, screaming the words electric.  Rachel was wonderful, Luke was Luke.. and it was his birthday, so Jason presented him some cake,  beef-cake :), and then a non-music highlight.  Jason and his wife presented the Susan G. Koman race for the cure foundation a check for $509,125, the entire proceeds from that nights receipts.  Jason has donated a concert to breast cancer every year for 7 years.. it don't get better!
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Carrie Underwood Blown Away Tour
6. Carrie Underwood Blown Away Tour  (10/24/2012)
Carrie Underwood was lead of with the great sounds of Hunter Hays.. the concert was great, the music, sets and staging was fantastic.  I really enjoyed the concert, and photographing it was a bonus.. as usual, these images are for sale.. please e-mail me with requests.
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Eric Church Blood, Sweat & Beers Concert
7. Eric Church Blood, Sweat & Beers Concert  (Sept. 20, 2012)
Eric Church, lead off by Kip Moore and Justin Moore had a great concert last night.  Lighting varied from "Oh Crap" to lights fantastic, but all was workable.  Biggest problem was beer on the floor (making things sticky & slippery) but, then again, this is a country show and beer is in the name.
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Toby Keith Concert
8. Toby Keith Concert  (9/6/2012)
Toby Keith w/ Brantley Gilbert & Thomas Rhett.. Great music... and lots of HEAT.. fortunately, the sun set at about 7:45 and it cooled way down to 98 degrees... :( More shots to come.. :)
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Lady Antebellum Concert
9. Lady Antebellum Concert  (Feb. 18, 2012)
Lady Antebellum, Darius Rucker and Thompson Square put on a great concert in Dallas TX.. loved photographing it.. loved listening to the music and enjoying the evening.. enjoy the images..
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Maroon 5 - TRAIN Concert
10. Maroon 5 - TRAIN Concert  (9/21/2011)
Photographed the Maroon 5 concert with the lead off by the band Train.. great concert, lots of energy by both bands..

Images are for sale, e-mail me..
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Kid Rock/Sheryl Crow "Born Free" concert
11. Kid Rock/Sheryl Crow "Born Free" concert  (Sept. 2, 2011)
Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow killed it in Dallas.  totally different styles.. one great show.  It was HOT (101 degrees) for this outside show.. once the music started, you never noticed it!  Loved every minute of it!

E-MAIL for info on buying images! :)
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Dolly Parton concert
12. Dolly Parton concert  (7/19/2011)
Dolly's concert in Grand Prairie, TX was great.  The gal still has it.. and she let the audience know.. "She still has it!"  Great concert.. enjoyed photographing it.. she even sang "Best of Both Worlds" as a tribute to her God-Daughter.. Miley Cyrus.. just for the little ones in the audience. :)
Images are for sale.. e-mail me.
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Smucker's Stars on Ice 2010
13. Smucker's Stars on Ice 2010  (5/14/2010)
Went to and photographed the Smucker's Stars on Ice.  I have seen this show 17 years out of the 22 that it has been running.  The show is always top notch, the best skaters and great performances.  Here are a few of my favorites.

As usual, these images are for sale, please e-mail me for information.
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Photograph Restorations
14. Photograph Restorations 
Do you have old family photographs that have not held up as well as you would have liked?  Are these photographs faded.. are they scratched and torn?  Are pieces missing.. well do not despair, they can be restored, in many cases to "like new" or "original" condition.  If you have photos that you would like to have restored, please contact us for an estimate.
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Portrait Photography
15. Portrait Photography 
We do more than just portrait photography.. we provide adult and children's formal and informal, individual or family portraits.  If you are looking for modeling, theater or the entertainment profession, we can provide professional head-shots.  Artistic Concepts offers computer enhancements, B&W, multi-photo montages as well as adding your existing photographs to your new portraits.  Photographs of you or your child at a younger age, sports photos and special events can be digitally added.
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Weddings and other Special Events
16. Weddings and other Special Events 
Whether that event is a wedding, anniversary, graduation or a birthday party, we can provide the equipment and skill required to meet your needs.  While you are enjoying your special day, we will capture your memories in photos for you to enjoy forever.
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U.S. Nationals Figure Skating
17. U.S. Nationals Figure Skating  (2001 - 2002 - 2003)
Artistic Concepts Photography was one of the Official Photographers of the U.S. Nationals Figure Skating Championships from 2001 to 2003.  In addition,we were responsible for collaborating with graphic designers to provide all of the advertising for the Dallas event.  I have also included some up and coming skaters....
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My Vietnam Experience - Navy Seabees
18. My Vietnam Experience - Navy Seabees  (1966 - 1968)
My time with the US Navy's Mobile Construction Battalion 4 (MCB-4) and my deployments to Vietnam - Chu Lai, 1966 and Da Nang in 1967.  There are no war photos, just photos I took with my first camera of the things and people that I saw.  This album is my 1st tour of duty, 1966 - Chu Lai,RVN. We replaced MCB-10 in Chu Lai, completed the construction of the Chu Lai airfield, PLO (fuel) dump and work on Highway 1.
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 My Vietnam Experience -Tour 2 Da Nang
19. My Vietnam Experience -Tour 2 Da Nang  
Tour #2 & 3 - DaNang, Vietnam.  This was in 1967 - 68.  We worked many projects during this tour through out the Northern territories of South Vietnam.  We provided construction services to the US Marines of the 3rd Marine division. This included KaSahn, Pleikiu, Hill 55, Red Beach, The longest bridge over the Song Thu Bon river (Liberty Bridge) and other points North & West.
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USS Tanner (AGS-15)
20. USS Tanner (AGS-15)  (1968 - 1969)
Following my last Vietnam deployment with MCB-4, 20 Engineering ratings from the battalion were transfered to the auxiliary geodetic survey ship Tanner.  We spent a year surveying the  Micronesian Trust Territories, Palau, Ponape, Ulithi and Mog Mog Islands among others.  Quite a change from Vietnam.

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Our Travels
21. Our Travels  (2004 - 5)
Some of our travels about the country and the photography we do while on the road.  Just for the fun of it.  Our newest addition.. we toured the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and rode the Silverton - Durango Mountain Railway through the Colorado Rockies.. enjoy..
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Gotta love airplanes..
22. Gotta love airplanes.. 
Some airplanes that I have seen, photographed and flown in.  we traveled a lot in our Piper Cherokee 235... a lot of air shows.. love airplanes, drop in a look around.
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Our time in Italy
23. Our time in Italy 
This is Naples, Sorrento & Pompeii... enjoy
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