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Eye Miniatures
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This is an incredible site.  I'm learning a lot about these precious items.  The first time I saw one was on one of the Russian Princesses in the Lifetime version of "War and Peace" a week ago (2/16) and wondered about it.  Thank you!
Norah McKinney, Mon, 15 Feb 2016 3:59PM
Wonderful items, but collecting is prohibitive because of the astronomical prices these beauties sell for. Even your run of the mill (if you could ever call one that) would cost in the thousands. You surely have a museum quality collection that is to be envied.
Robert | http://robtnar.wordpress.com/, Fri, 15 Nov 2013 6:18AM
Wow. This site is incredible. As a jewelry student this is such a valuable resource for inspiration and historical reference. I really have to say this is the best jewelry site I have ever been to and I follow over 100 jewelry blogs! =)
Vanessa, Wed, 30 Jan 2013 3:25PM
This is an absolutely beautiful collection, thank you for sharing.
diane, Fri, 4 May 2012 7:30PM
outstanding interest
Lyle Rexer, Thu, 8 Mar 2012 1:47PM
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Enlarge photo 1
Eye miniature pendant
C. 1790

Expressive brown female eye miniature, watercolor on ivory, set in a modified heart motif surrounded by garnets.

Enlarge photo 2
Stunningly beautiful eye miniature pendant surrounded by pearls and with a pearl bail. Expressive brown eye with rare peek at lady's hair.  Back compartment with braided hair.

Enlarge photo 3
This eye miniature brooch is a wonderful painting on ivory of a woman's eye.  Gold and pearls.  Dated 1845.

Enlarge photo 4
Georgian eye miniature enameled mourning ring. Neo-classical design with two urns poised horizontally on the shank.  The face panel has an outer rim of black enamel with finely looped gold inlay in a continuous pattern.  The center chamber features a beautiful painted eye miniature.  Inscription on the inside of the ring is too faint to read, but you can make out the date of 1817. [Sold]

Enlarge photo 5
Side view of the ring.

Enlarge photo 6
View of the neo-classical urn.

Enlarge photo 7
Georgian period eye miniature mourning ring dated 1780.  Photo provide courtesy of Lenore Dailey of Lenore's.

Enlarge photo 8
Side view of the ring showing fine enameling.  Photo provide courtesy of Lenore Dailey of Lenore's.

Enlarge photo 9
Inscription:  Lady Lucy Douglas Died 13th Feb. 1780 Age 28.  Photo provide courtesy of Lenore Dailey of Lenore's.

Enlarge photo 10
eye miniature ring circa 1800.

Enlarge photo 11
Eye miniature pendant--hand-painted on ivory and set in 18K gold. C early to mid 1800s.  Back of pendant has a compartment for hair.  Chain is not original. I believe it to be French from the design of the frame. The reverse side opens as a locket and may have contained a lock of hair at one time. The pendent measures 1 inch long by 7/8th inches wide.

Enlarge photo 12
Combination pin/pendant eye miniature surrounded by pearls and with removable pearl bale, circa 1820.  Back compartment with blond hair and inscribed: Anne Dodsworth Died Jan 13, 1876 Aged 75. [sold]

Enlarge photo 13
Eye miniature set in ivory patch box
Circa 1790

Ivory patch box with rare full face eye miniature hand-painted on ivory framed by a band of rose gold.

Box is 3/3/4" x 1 1/4" and the portrait (which is superb) is 1 3/4" x 3/4".  Hinged box has a velvet lined interior with a mirror inset into the lid.

Enlarge photo 14
Another photos of the patchbox.

Enlarge photo 15
Georgian ivory patch box with eye
Circa early 1800s

Oval ivory patch box with an eye miniature painted on card.

Enlarge photo 16
Eye miniature painted on ivory.  I think this is a man's eye.  Back has replacement pin catch.

Enlarge photo 17
Eye miniature pin painted on ivory  dated 1785 set in 18K gold.  Inscription on reverse "OB 6 Mar 1785 at 53."

Enlarge photo 18
Pin in original leather box.

Enlarge photo 19
Box, showing size.

Enlarge photo 20
Eye miniature pendant of a woman's brown eye with a few soft curls framing it.  You can see it is a large size from the quarter sitting next to it -- almost 1 inch across.  It is beautifully painted with fine detail.  It is uncommon to find an eye of this size.  It is mounted under a beveled glass and set in a pendant mounting.

Enlarge photo 21
Eye miniature handpainted on ivory of a beautiful woman with a hazel eye, surrounded by brown curls.  Mounted in gold shell pendant.  Note the direction the eye will hang when worn.

Enlarge photo 22
Back of eye miniature pendant.  Enameled flower and "In Memory Of."  Engraved on the bottom: "Edw.d Lantsbery died 12th Oct 1849 aged 4 years." Engraved on the top (probably added later): "M Lantsbery died Dec 26th 1857."  I assume M. Lantsbery is the woman in the picture.

Enlarge photo 23
Eye miniature
C. 1820

Light blue man's miniature eye, hand painted on ivory, set in a yellow gold round pendant mounting, surrounded by wire strung seed pearls.  Shows signs of an old repair on back.  Suspended by chains from an added rectangular hair brooch, which is surrounded by split seed pearls.  The hair pin has some separation in the metal on back.  O rings have been added to the hair pin so it can be worn as a pendant.

Eeeww, cat hair in picture....

Enlarge photo 24
Eye Miniature Memorial Brooch
c 1817

Rare Georgian eye miniature commemorating the death of the popular Princess Charlotte Augusta of Wales, only child of George IV, who died after giving birth to a stillborn child in November 1817. The miniature features the Princess's eye and a wisp of her hair, with clouds to the right. It is set under crystal in a gold and foil backed garnet frame and inscribed to the reverse ' Ps Charlotte'. It measures 1 and 1/8 inches by 1 and 1/8 inches and is in completely original condition.

Enlarge photo 25
Back of pin showing engraving.

Enlarge photo 26
Eye miniature hand-painted on ivory surrounded by a double row of pearls.  Brown eye of a lady with brown hair painted down the side of her face.  Circa 1820.

Enlarge photo 27
Eye Miniature Portrait
Gerald Sinclair Hayward (1845-1926), a Canadian miniature painter who was working in New York when this was painted
Dated 1905

Late for eye miniatures, it is dated 1905 and is also quite unusual that it is a man's eye.

Each line of the face, brow, nose and complexion is worked in almost ultra realism. His blue gray eyes fixed to the side.

Also fascinating to note that the artist chose to border it with a surround of black paint, then actually paint another border which looks like tousled hair. The ivory is then set beneath glass and into a gilt metal pcture frame, with velvet back and small paper roundel. It is mounted at this point for hanging in a shadow box, or on a watch stand, but could be worn as well.

On the bottom are the initials "GSH" and the date of "1905". This measures just over 1 3/4 inches long by 1 3/8 inches across.

Enlarge photo 28
Close-up showing signature and date.

Enlarge photo 29
Next to a ruler.

Enlarge photo 30
Eye miniature
Circa 1800

An enigmatic enamel eye in the overall eye shape referred to as a shuttle shape, used only for a few years around 1790-1800 or a touch later.

The enameled eye is surrounded by a row of pearls. It measures 1 1/16  inches long by 9/16 inches high, so is quite petite. It is set into rose gold. The eye is blue, with tiny lashes and detail down to the corner of the eye, and lifelike skin and all. A touch naïve and so personal.

Its condition is good, but not perfect as there are a few surface scratches on the eye. The pearls are a lovely gray green, all appear original although always hard to be certain. The hinge base has had a reinforcement with silver solder.

Enlarge photo 31
Another view of the enigmatic eye.

Enlarge photo 32
Georgian eye miniature ring
Circa 1800, English

Beautiful eye miniature painted on ivory in a tear-drop shape, surrounded by natural pearls.

Enlarge photo 33
Georgian eye miniature brooch
Circa 1830

Round eye miniature of a female blue eye with hair painted on ivory under rock crystal.  Gold frame is enameled in white with natural pearls set in a wheel formation.

Ivory has a fracture and bail appears to have had work done to it or has been replaced.

Enlarge photo 34
Georgian eye miniature brooch
Circa 1820s

Eye miniature painted on ivory set in 18K gold enhanced by blue enamel.  This lovely lady is a rarity due to her red-gold hair.  A lock of hair is encased in the locket in the back.

Enlarge photo 35
Back of the eye miniature showing the lock of hair.

Enlarge photo 36
Eye miniature pin
C. 1850s

Mourning eye miniature of a grey-brown female eye hand painted on ivory, mounted in a black enamel-trimmed brooch in a ribbon motif.

Enlarge photo 37
Eye miniature pin
C. 1820s

Interesting kidney-bean shaped gold  pin frame with a brown eye and curls painted on ivory.

Enlarge photo 38
This page from a Sotheby's catalog is shown in Vivien Becker's book, Antique & Twentieth Century Jewellery on page 95.  "Five examples of the painted eye miniature, one kidney-shaped, another excircled by a gold serpent.  From the Heckett Collection."  Sold at Sotheby's in 1977.  

I believe that my kidney-shaped eye is from this collection.

Enlarge photo 39
Eye Miniature pendant
C. 1790

Blue eye hand-painted on ivory under faceted glass with foiled garnets and white enamel marked IL DON DE L'AMITE.

Pendant is hinged at the top and there is a compartment on the back.

Some damage to the enamel.

Enlarge photo 40
Eye Miniature Pendant
Circa 1830-1840

Magnificent miniature of a blue eye painted on ivory surrounded by brown curls and covered by a raised crystal. The entire piece is approximately 1 1/2" across; cannetille gold set with Persian turquoise and garnets with a pearl set in the pendant bail; compartment in the back is for hair, though empty; painting is incredible, much finer than most and very representative of Henry Bone.

Enlarge photo 41
Close up of the eye.

Enlarge photo 42
Back of eye pendant showing hair compartment.

Enlarge photo 43

Enlarge photo 44
Eye Miniature painted on ivory
C. 1790

Blue eye miniature hand painted on ivory under ovoid rock crystal with foiled garnets and pearls frame, hinged at the top, surmounted by a pearl-set flower motif and bail. (see pg 35 Romero 3rd)

Enlarge photo 45
Back of eye locket

Enlarge photo 46
Eye miniature handpainted on ivory
C. 1800

Gorgeous blue eye with brown curls set  in gold.  Approximately one inch in diameter. [Sold]

Enlarge photo 47
Back of eye miniature.

Enlarge photo 48
Eye Miniature Mourning Ring
Circa 1800

Blue eye miniature on ivory painted in the clouds with black enameling on the surround and shank.  See Georgian Jewellery by Ginny Reddington Dawes, pg 164.

Enlarge photo 49

Enlarge photo 50
Another view of the eye.

Enlarge photo 51
Side view showing enameling.

Enlarge photo 52
Back of ring.

Enlarge photo 53

Enlarge photo 54

Enlarge photo 55

Enlarge photo 56

Enlarge photo 57

Enlarge photo 58

Enlarge photo 59

Enlarge photo 60

Enlarge photo 61

Enlarge photo 62

Enlarge photo 63
Full face eye miniature
C. 1820-1830

Rare, full face eye miniature, two brown eyes and brown hair, watercolor on ivory in oval mounting with graduated pearls, pearl bail; some slight paint damage.

Enlarge photo 64
Eye miniature with pearls and enamel
Possibly American
C. 1820s-1830s

Navette-shaped pendant of a blue eye, watercolor on ivory with enamel and pearl surround.

Enlarge photo 65
Another picture.

Enlarge photo 66
Eye miniature pendant set in Scottish agate sphere
C. 1820s-1830s

Blue eye miniature painted on ivory set in gold and encased in a sphere of various colors of Scottish agate.

Enlarge photo 67

Enlarge photo 68

Enlarge photo 69

Enlarge photo 70

Enlarge photo 71

Enlarge photo 72

Enlarge photo 73

Enlarge photo 74
Eye miniature, watercolor on ivory

A tiny fichu pin, circa 1800. gold, pearl surround, measures 2/3 of an inch by 2/3 of an inch in total. Watercolor miniature on ivory of a female eye with blue iris, wisps of brown curl to side. Original, lovely quality painting and immaculate.

Enlarge photo 75
Eye miniature brooch
C. 1820-1830

Lovely blue eye miniature surrounded by pearls and garnets.

Enlarge photo 76
Back of eye miniature with lock of hair.

Enlarge photo 77
Eye miniature on ivory
Attributed: American
Circa 1820s

Unusual hand-painted eye miniature as the ivory wafer has been retained with the central painting.  Woman's brown eye and left side view of face, surrounded by clouds.  Set in a period correct frame.

Enlarge photo 78
Back of frame.

Enlarge photo 79
Eye miniature in heart-shaped mounting

Enlarge photo 80

Enlarge photo 81
Back of eye miniature

Repair to bale and o-ring

Enlarge photo 82
Eye miniature ring
Dated 1816

High-carat gold ring, dated 1816, a chased shank with floral design, to which is set a watercolor on ivory miniature of a female eye, under crystal. The ring is engraved to reverse AG 24 May 1816. The ring is size J [US 5 and 1/2] and original. [Sold]

Enlarge photo 83

Enlarge photo 84

Enlarge photo 85
Eye miniature pendant
c. late 1700s

Lovely brown eye miniature on ivory with blond curls (blond hairwork in back) set in a heart-shaped pendant with amethysts and faceted rock crystal.

Enlarge photo 86
back of pendant with (very!) blond hair.

Enlarge photo 87

Enlarge photo 88

Enlarge photo 89

Enlarge photo 90
Eye miniature on ivory
c. 1830s

Hand-painted miniature of a left hazel eye on ivory in heart-shaped pendant, hallmarked 15 ct, hair enclosed in back.

Enlarge photo 91
Back of pendant.

Enlarge photo 92
Eye miniature on ivory
c. 1795

Handpainted eye miniature, left brown eye with surrounding curls mounted in 14K navette-shaped brooch, blue enamel and seed pearlssurrounds.

Enlarge photo 93

Enlarge photo 94

Enlarge photo 95
Eye miniature
C. 1830

An unusual diamond-shaped setting for this brown eye miniature hand-painted on ivory with a pearl surround and bale.

Enlarge photo 96
Georgian Eye Miniature
Circa 1840

Superb and rare eye miniature painted on ivory of a child's half face painted in the clouds.  Set in high carat gold.  Inscribed to reverse : Isa Murray 1810 Married Jas Denniston 1835.  

Most likely a child of this marriage who died.

We were not able to open the brooch as it has been soldered shut....

A learned group specializing in portrait miniatures believes this is a girl and the artist may be John Cox Dillman Engleheart (1784-1862), nephew of George Engleheart.

Enlarge photo 97

Enlarge photo 98
Eye miniature with tear
Circa early 1900s

Lovely woman's eye miniature painted on card and set in a 14K frame inset with pearls.

Enlarge photo 99
Back of eye miniature with hair.

Enlarge photo 100
Eye miniature
Circa 1820

Handpainted on ivory, a brown eye set in 14K gold with a pearl and garnet surround.

Enlarge photo 101
Eye miniature hand-painted on ivory
Circa 1790

Light blue eye hand-painted on ivory, modified heart with garnet surround and bow.

Enlarge photo 102
Eye miniature with elaborate jeweled frame
Circa late 1700s

Georgian eye miniature painted in watercolor on ivory wreathed with garnet and turquoise pansies, pearls, and hair on the reverse.

From Kyle Karnes: The social role of this eye miniature in sentimental reverie may be seen in the contemplative symbolism of the stones and flowers. From the French word pensée, the pansy is a pun meaning “think of me.” The turquoise, owing to its color, was symbolic of the flower, “forget-me-not,” and the pearls symbolized tears.

Enlarge photo 103
Back: blond braided hair and closed back settings

Enlarge photo 104

Enlarge photo 105

Enlarge photo 106

Enlarge photo 107
Mourning eye miniature
Circa 1820

Eye miniature brooch surrounded by diamonds set in black enamel and with a split pearl border.

Enlarge photo 108
Mourning eye miniature
Circa 1800-1820

Fabulous mourning miniature with brown eye and curls with diamond tear and clouds surrounded by pearls w/ hair on back

Enlarge photo 109

Enlarge photo 110

Enlarge photo 111
Eye miniature pendant locket
Circa 1810-1820

Brown eye hand-painted on ivory, with dark curls, surrounded by cinnamon-colored foil under diamonds, rock crystal cover, woven hair in back.

Enlarge photo 112
Eye miniature pendant locket
Circa 1810-1820

Woven hair in back.

Enlarge photo 113
Eye miniature pendant
Circa 1780

Hazel eye miniature hand-painted on ivory, set in 18 K yellow gold under rock crystal, elaborate white enamel surround with "A Token of Love" on surround, c 1780, woven hair in back.  Heart-shape is typical of eyes painted during this time frame.

Enlarge photo 114
Eye miniature pendant
Circa 1780

Back of pendant showing woven hair.

Enlarge photo 115

Enlarge photo 116
Eye Miniature
Circa 1790

Eye miniature circa 1790, brown eye with curls on top in heart-shaped frame with garnet bow and 3 garnets set in white enamel band with saying "Aimez Qui Vous Aime" fantastic hairwork in back compartment

Enlarge photo 117
Eye Miniature
Circa 1790

Back of eye miniature showing hairwork

Enlarge photo 118
Eye Miniature brooch
Circa 1820-1830

Eye miniature hand-painted on ivory, hazel eye floating in the clouds, surrounded with black enamel and gray seed pearls set in 12 K yellow gold.

Enlarge photo 119
Eye miniature
Circa 1820s

A watercolor on ivory miniature of an eye with brown iris in blue clouds. Plaited brown hair to reverse.

Measures 1 and 2/3 inches including bale, 1 and 1/3 inches excluding bale and one inch wide. Immaculate, lovely quality, has never been out of the frame.

Enlarge photo 120
Eye miniature
Circa 1820s

Hard to get the coloration accurate in the photos.  A watercolor on ivory miniature of an eye with brown iris in blue clouds. Plaited brown hair to reverse.

Enlarge photo 121
Eye miniature
Circa 1820s

A watercolor on ivory miniature of an eye with brown iris in blue clouds. Plaited brown hair to reverse.

Enlarge photo 122
Eye Miniature
Circa 1820

Georgian eye miniature, handpainted watercolor on ivory.  Unusual front view of two brown eyes, blond hair set in navette-shaped high-carat gold frame.

Enlarge photo 123
Eye miniature pendant
Circa 1820

Georgian brown eye miniature with side curls, handpainted watercolor on ivory, oval 15K gold pendant frame with graduated split pearls, blond braided hair in back compartment.

Enlarge photo 124
Eye miniature pendant
Circa 1820

Enlarge photo 125
Eye miniature
Circa 1820s

Georgian eye miniature oval brooch handpainted atercolor on ivory, woman's blue eye w/ blond side curls, double row of split pearls, 12K

Enlarge photo 126
Eye miniature pendant
Circa 1790s

Georgian eye miniature pendant,  brown eye with hair to right, modified heart-shaped frame, enameled white on edge and marked "Ce Depost M'est Precieux", blond braided hair in back, circa 1790s

Enlarge photo 127
Eye miniature pendant
Circa 1790s

Enlarge photo 128
Necklace of eye portrait miniatures
Circa 1790s

Mounted on a contemporary chain, 13 eye portrait miniatures, handpainted watercolor on ivory.  All set in high carat gold, many with hair stored in compartments in the reverse.  This modified heart-shaped frame was common in the late 1700s.

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