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Summer Dresses
Hawaiian Print Dress 2013
The fabric was purchased while in Hawaii at the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet.  It's a super soft and light cotton.  
The pattern was altered from Vogue V1094 heavily.  I really only used it for dart placement on the bodice.  
The skirt is 4 panels and is blind hemmed in place.  The bodice is lined in a natural cotton.

Rayon/Cotton Jersey Maxi Dress - 2010
Made from fabric purchased at Mood.  Keenan and Kellie got me a gift certificate to there, otherwise I  would never be able to afford that place.
Made from Vogue Pattern V8470.

Linen Halter Dress - 2007
Made from an embroidered linen that my mother gave me and a pattern that I drafted based on another dress I own.
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Enlarge photo 1

Enlarge photo 2
Hawaiian Summer Dress
Fabric from Hawaii
Pattern heavily altered by me from Vogue V1094

Enlarge photo 3
Japanese cats on dates fabric from Hawaii

Enlarge photo 4
Japanese cats on dates fabric from Hawaii

Enlarge photo 5
Japanese cats on dates fabric from Hawaii

Enlarge photo 6
Japanese cats on dates fabric from Hawaii

Enlarge photo 7
Wonder Woman Pinup Dress

Enlarge photo 8
Wonder Woman Pinup Dress

Enlarge photo 9
Embroidered linen, patterned from a dress I owned and liked the fit of.

Enlarge photo 10

Enlarge photo 11

Enlarge photo 12

Enlarge photo 13
Vogue V8470 and Rayon/Cotton Jersey Knit from Mood Fabrics.
The pattern wasn't meant for knit fabrics but it just drapes so nicely with the full circle skirt base.

Enlarge photo 14
Top of the dress - View E
Instead of using iron on interfacing (I didn't have any), I used a silk that was basted to the front fabric for rigidity in the front waist panel.  The whole top is lined in plain white jersey I had on hand.  I would have self lined, but I ran out of fabric.

Enlarge photo 15
Front of the skirt simply pinned on for now.  I'm using view B for the skirt, so there will be a ruffle on the bottom to make it into a maxi dress for summer.

Enlarge photo 16

Enlarge photo 17

Enlarge photo 18

Enlarge photo 19
Vintage style maxi dress.  I completely drafted this pattern on my own.  Taking care to get the pattern in the fabric lined up with certain parts of the dress.

Enlarge photo 20
I ended up selling this to Buffalo Exchange LOL

Enlarge photo 21
Floral Wars Lightsaber print swim knit from Knitorious Fabrics.  Extremely limited run.  I only bought 2 yards for myself and regret not buying more.  It's such a fabulous fabric and so pretty.

Enlarge photo 22
I used the lining material to mock up the pattern and see how it looked.

Enlarge photo 23
The skirt worked perfect, so I cut out the lightsabers (longer than the lining by a few inches). I then cut the top to have a sweetheart neckline with a lace accent on the top.

Enlarge photo 24
Once I was satisfied with the overall look, I cut the good fabric.  The lace is a stretch lace from Spandex House in NYC.  It was sandwiched between the lining and main fabric, so that there would be no raw edges.

Enlarge photo 25
Trying to decide which zip I like best.  I wanted the rose, but in my tired state, I sewed in the teal.  It still worked good though.

Enlarge photo 26
Front of the completed dress.  Piping was added to the neckline to stabilize it and keep it from stretching out.  Same with the arm holes.

Enlarge photo 27
The arm holes.  These are a little tight, so I might remove the piping and cut the holes about an inch lower for comfort.  I'll then bind them in stretch fold over binding.

Enlarge photo 28
I need to add a hook and eye at the top, but this is the completed back.

Enlarge photo 29
I LOVE this neckline and the lace so much!

Enlarge photo 30

Enlarge photo 31
Marriott Marquis Carpet Dress for Dragon Con 2016!  Using my dress pattern I made for the lightsaber dress as a base, I made this one.  I accidentally cut the waist at 44" instead of 29"... so it's pleated , which worked out great as it looks super full like this.

Enlarge photo 32
This one, I made the arm holes bigger by 1.5" for more comfort and ease of movement.

Enlarge photo 33
I had fun laying out the fabric on the back panels, as I had precious little to work with after cutting the skirt.  I still got it to line up perfectly!  I used a yellow zipper here to mimic the yellow lines in the design.

Enlarge photo 34
I laid this bodice out so that the design would actually flow really well and give a figure flattering shape.  The carpet design isn't exactly everyday wear, so I waned it to look the best as I could with what I had to work with lol  That touch of red in the enter and on the shoulders is my favorite.

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