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Summer Dresses
Hawaiian Print Dress 2013
The fabric was purchased while in Hawaii at the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet.  It's a super soft and light cotton.  
The pattern was altered from Vogue V1094 heavily.  I really only used it for dart placement on the bodice.  
The skirt is 4 panels and is blind hemmed in place.  The bodice is lined in a natural cotton.

Rayon/Cotton Jersey Maxi Dress - 2010
Made from fabric purchased at Mood.  Keenan and Kellie got me a gift certificate to there, otherwise I  would never be able to afford that place.
Made from Vogue Pattern V8470.

Linen Halter Dress - 2007
Made from an embroidered linen that my mother gave me and a pattern that I drafted based on another dress I own.
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