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Alice in Wonderland - Scraps
This is my research and costume page for the Alice in Wonderland "Scraps" dress.  It's the dress she is wearing when she takes a ride on the Hatter's Hat to the Red Queen's palace (before becoming Um).

March 12 - Compiling my Research photos into one easy to see spot.  I already have the ribbons needed for the bodice/Shoes/Arm Wrap, as well as a decent lace for the skirt and bodice.  I just need the fabrics for the dress and the giant flower.  I'll also need a proper wig (because Alice is not a red head) and shoes for a base.
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Enlarge photo 1
Alice's "Hatter's Ride" dress.  This is what I'm calling it since I'm not really sure what to call it officially.  Fairly simple in design, it will just be time consuming assembling the ribbons.

Enlarge photo 2
Details from various angles and different lights.

Enlarge photo 3
Flower and Fabric shots

Enlarge photo 4
Silk Satin ribbons in Copen and Black.  The copen will be sewn to the black to create one piece for the bodice and shoes and arm wrap.

Enlarge photo 5
Drafting the under dress

Enlarge photo 6
The underdress with the Point D'Esprit and lace pinned on.  I hadn't added the tulle under layer yet at this point.

Enlarge photo 7
Taken with Flash
The dress portion is done.  I sewed the two ribbons together to make one ribbon (about 11yds long) and it really needs to be a bit longer still, probably another 3-4 yards.  It's just wrapped in place at the moment.

Enlarge photo 8
Taken in Sunlight
Sames as the before photo, but the natural light looks a lot better.  Unfortunately for me, Dragon Con is made of people with flashes... so the color will look a little off in photos *grrr*

"Hey, where did you get that fabric f..."
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Enlarge photo 9
I'm wondering if the added tulle underlayer makes this look too poofy, and almost 50's in style.

Enlarge photo 10
Back with a teeny tiny bow... need more ribbon.

Enlarge photo 11

Enlarge photo 12

Enlarge photo 13

Enlarge photo 14

Enlarge photo 15
The shoes before.  Simple ballet flats that were on sale and easy to cut up for Alice shoes.
The ribbons are a smaller version of the silk ribbons on the dress.  It took 4 yards of ribbons per shoe!

Enlarge photo 16
Hot Glue + Ribbon + Shoe = perfect match.

Enlarge photo 17
One shoe down!  You can see I removed the giant bow and cut out the toe area.

Enlarge photo 18
All done!  They are so cute and are probably my most comfy costume shoes yet lol.

Enlarge photo 19
I need a better wig cap to keep my natural hair flatter under the wig.

Enlarge photo 20

Enlarge photo 21
Exploring the halls of the castle... or at least my apartment lol.

Enlarge photo 22
The Original Alice Scraps Shoes

Enlarge photo 23

Enlarge photo 24

Enlarge photo 25
Photo by Davis Ng

Enlarge photo 26
Photo by Davis Ng

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