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Package & Wholesale Deals
We are going to offer some package & wholesale deals in this folder.  These are discounted deals so if your paying with PayPal you will have to cover the fees or send a check or money order.
Wholesale deals will be straight pay, packages will have reasonable payment plans.

*Payment plans on packages of $500 or more.
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Enlarge photo 1
Take this 2016 Male Kahl Blizzard Boa for $4K shipped and get this 2015 Female Hypo DH Kahl Blizzard Poss Jungle for FREE!

They are completely unrelated.

*Take the pair for $3500 shipped with straight pay purchase. (paypal + 3%)

Enlarge photo 2
2015 Female Hypo DH Kahl Blizzard Poss Jungle.

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