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No. 1 Mk V Trials Rifle
No. 1 Mk V Lee-Enfield Trials Rifle

Courtesy of Terry Hawker

The Trials rifle is usually on the top or right side of frame. The full length shot shows that apart from rear sight and receiver mods, the trials rifle is made from a standard 1915 Enfield No. I Mk III.

It is all matching, and apart from a row of dings on top of the buttstock, is in rather nice shape.

The photos show the obvious differences between the trials and production models, but something I found very interesting is the unique safety lever and rear volley sight arm on the trials rifle. Looking at picture #4, you will notice the safety lever is grooved across its whole surface, (not partially, as on a standard Mk V), and convex in profile, causing the rear volley sight arm to be formed around it to clear when in the upright position. In my admittedly, limited experience, I have yet to see these two items on any other rifle. .... Terry

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Enlarge photo 1
Horrible photo, but shows the only difference between the top rifle and a standard No I Mk III are the rear sight and receiver modifications.

Enlarge photo 2
Better photos showing the only difference between the top rifle and a standard No I Mk III are the rear sight and receiver modifications.

Enlarge photo 3
Better photos showing the only difference between the top rifle and a standard No I Mk III are the rear sight and receiver modifications.

Enlarge photo 4
With the removal of the standard rear sight a new rear handguard was fabricated, but the slot for the sight protector in the fore-end was left unplugged. Still entertaining retention of the volley sight, a new rear aperture arm had to be fabricated to clear the new, wider, safety catch locking bolt.

Enlarge photo 5
Early method of machining the trials receiver flat reveals the charger bridge lost a large slice of the left side. Bottom rear of both receivers shows heat discoloration from the brazing of the new rear sight assemblies, (not as evident to the naked eye). The trials rifle has commercial proofs on the barrel flat...wonder if it slipped in with a group of standard Mk V's?

Enlarge photo 6
Trials rifle sight marked to a greater range of 1500 yards, but different construction of aperture allows it to be indexed lower down, thus the entire yardage scale is engraved lower on the ladder. Trials rifle bears evidence of an inherent fault of the Mk V design...a weak rear sight prone to bending.

Enlarge photo 7
This, and previous photo, show the convex shape of the trials safety lever and the fabrication of a volley arm with curve in it to accommodate this extra width. At the top of the inside of the trials sight ladder is stamped the numeral, "5".

Enlarge photo 8
The more simple machining of the rear sight assembly of the trials rifle is evident.

Enlarge photo 9
This 1915 Enfield SMLE Mk III is the same year rifle as the one on page 168 of LES, and page 188 of "The Lee Enfield" and although Ian refers to several batches of these trials rifles being produced, there is no actual production figure mentioned. It is rare enough that the Pattern Room collection doesn't have one, so where did they all go?

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I just picked up what I thought was a #4 ,at a local shop .After getting it home and looking it over trying to understand the makings and features ,I didcovered I do in fact have a #1 Mark 5 from 1922 ! Although it has been sporterized ,I am very pleased and I am looking forward to many years of enjoyment with this fine rifle
Tim, Thu, 24 Nov 2016 8:35AM
thanks for this great info on this site. Among several other military weapons, I inherited a Long Branch No. 4 Mk 1 and another Lee Enfield whose identification was less obvious to me as a novice.  After much research here and elsewhere, I've determined that the second piece is a standard Mark V.  It seems to be in great shape, and is complete with all numbers matching.  A real stroke of luck!  I've looked at most resources online and will continue to search, but I could use help figuring out the proof marks etc. if anyone can advise me where else to look.
rob rambaud, Tue, 18 Feb 2014 4:25PM
I've Quite a COLLECTION of LIMEY(BRITS)ENFIELDS. I' m Extremely Interested in Obtaining the MKV. It's got the best of Both, The Magnifesent Body of the MKlll*,with the Sights of the NO4 Mk1. ... "Gotta' Have It!!"
Luis Pingarron, Tue, 10 Dec 2013 12:45PM
Wish I could find a replacement rear sight for my 1922 Mk V, Finding an original is impossible.
Ken Wilson, Sun, 17 Mar 2013 8:30AM
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