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2010 Reunion Preps
Members of the Navy detachment at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard assemble tents for our 2010 reunion.
Date(s): May 21-23, 2010. Album by Albacore. Photos by Jack Hunter. 1 - 17 of 17 Total. 3092 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Tent Crew Edit
Petty Officers from shipyard MWR getting organized to raise tents. Edit

Enlarge photo 2
Laying out tents Edit
First tent spread out. Edit

Enlarge photo 3
Tent Stretch Edit
Tent team stretching out canvas Edit

Enlarge photo 4
Center Pole Edit
Tent team placing center poles. Edit

Enlarge photo 5
Tightening lines Edit
Team members begin adjusting tent support lines Edit

Enlarge photo 6
Reunion sign Edit
Frank Lyons and Jack Snodgrass setting up the reunion banner. Edit

Enlarge photo 7
Final Adjustments Edit
Frank and Jack complete banner tie-down. Edit

Enlarge photo 8
Tent Completion Edit
Tent team makes final adjustments to supporting lines. Edit

Enlarge photo 9
COB Bower Edit
Norm in his outdoor office writing a check to MWR for the tents,picnic coolers, tables and chairs. Edit

Enlarge photo 10
The reunion gathering site Edit
Tent area which was the focal point for returning shipmates. Edit

Enlarge photo 11
The object of our affections Edit
Large rocks around the parking area keep local drivers off the grass. Edit

Enlarge photo 12
Tent Site Edit
Tents up and ready for the crowd. Edit

Enlarge photo 13
The Sign Edit
Who put all those dings in the hull? Edit

Enlarge photo 14
We're ready! Edit
Tents, table, chairs and picnic coolers are all in place. Edit

Enlarge photo 15
Long View Edit
Looking down the length of the boat back toward the museum building Edit

Enlarge photo 16
Where is everyone? Edit
All we need are people. Edit

Enlarge photo 17
The 2010 Reunion Team Edit
L to r: Frank Lyons, Jerry Sliss, Jack Hunter, Jack Snodgrass, Norm Bower. Edit

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I was there for the 2010 Reunion. Served onboard 1977-79 IC-3
Peter Adams, Sun, 25 May 2014 8:06AM
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