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1973 - 16' Kilbo Kite built from scratch using "True Flight" plans from Dave Kilbourne. I under the glider and the late Phil Jones is standing by. We were 14/15-year old high school geometry classmates.
"very nice! i had one sort of like this, back in late '80s that was made from bamboo and canvas, flew nicely...sadly, someone stole it and destroyed it after i flew it for a couple years. would like to get or build another, i seem to have misplaced my plans, however." --r. stewart, 01/02/10
"Nice! She flew well did'nt she? I've still got the follow on 16' x 18' ft. model. She's still airworthy and I would not hesitate to fly 'er today! Cheers Mate" --Dave Kilbourne, 05/05/10
"Do you have the plans for the kilbo kite?" --keith fishel, 07/31/13
"yes yes yes if you could put plans on the net that would be parradice ...skeatesy" --skeatesy, 02/07/14
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