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We are a small breeder of UKC/AKC Standard Rat Terriers.
We breed a few litters each year and our babies are sold to approved homes only.
Our top priorities are health, temperment, and conformation.
Member of UKC/AKC/ARTA
Our Dogs are tested for cardiac and patella prior to breeding and are fully tested at two years of age to be guaranteed sound for Cardiac, Patella, Legg Calve Perthes, Hips, and Elbows. We have now added PLL (Primary Lens Luxation) DNA Profiling to our dogs.

What we expect from you: A safe and loving home first and foremost.
Proper care and nutrition.
What to expect from us:
Healthy puppy with health guarantee/certificate if being shipped.
UKC/AKC Papers
Copy of Pedigree
Shots/Worming records
Tails Docked and Dewclaws removed and NBT's will be identified at birth.
For information on litters email: AdamsAcres

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<b>Adam's Acres MALES
1. Adam's Acres MALES 

Here you will find our Males at AdamsAcres.

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<b>Adam's Acres FEMALES
2. Adam's Acres FEMALES 

Here you will find our Females at AdamsAcres.

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Sometimes things don't always go as planned.  Katie has decided to come into her peak heat while I was away playing in the Carribean.  When I returned I wasn't sure if I caught her coming in or going out.  Spike had been in with her for a day to see if she was accepting.  She was not interested and neither was he.  I felt safe leaving them together not expecting a breeding.  Took her to her planned beau "Cowboy" who she totally blew off.  So we'll see.  i will have an ultrasound done in 4 weeks to see if Spike got "lucky".  if not, please expect a spring breeding.   I know some of you have been on a wait list a long time and I apologize.  But will definitely keep you on the wait list for a Katie/Cowboy breeding in the spring.
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4. Guarantee & Paperwork  (January 17, 2013)
This is an album that contains the AdamsAcres Guarantee and any other paperwork that applies, to include OFA/UKC/AKC etc.
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5. AVAILABLE ADULTS  (March 2012)
None available at this time. Please call 918-360-9485 to inquire.
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Grizzly Adams
6. Grizzly Adams 
This is an album of pictures and sounds collected by Gary on his Bigfoot Expeditions around the U.S.  Please feel free to comment and email him if you would like to discuss a siting or event.
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7. OTHER FUN STUFF & PETS  (May 21, 2008)
This is an album to put pictures I've taken that I find interesting.  enjoy.
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8. DOG SHOWS  (July 8, 2004)
This is an album of all my dog show's I've been to and the wonderful friends and fellow ratters I've met along the way.
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9. MABRC   (August 9, 2009)
This album hold all the pictures from MABRC functions and is the sole property of Gary and/or Catherine Adams and cannot be used without permission either.
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10. Items for Sale 
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11. EXTERNAL LINKS  (02/17/09)

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