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Melanie at the Wayside
"are those moustache bars or pullbacks on the bicycle on the right?" --james Haury, 08/01/04
"Or perhaps English touring?In keeping with the theme?" --james Haury, 08/01/04
"And what is that device near the center of the bars on the bicycle on the left?" --james Haury, 08/01/04
"The handlebars on the right are known as Lauterwasser bars; popular in the 30s but not seen much now. These are a shallow-drop variation mounted to a swan-neck stem. The bars are reproductions I bought off eBay; I don’t know where to get them now. Moustache bars are a bit different with a shallower drop, wider width and shorter grip area. “English touring bars” or North Road bars are somewhat similar if you flip them upside down. The bicycle to the left is equipped with a Terry’s watch clip and pocket watch mounted to inverted All-Rounder bars." --Jon Sharratt, 09/09/04
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